Crush of the Week: Timothy Olyphant…Ramble

A blend of ruggedness and charm lurk in the eyes of Mr. Timothy Olyphant. It was in ‘Scream 2’ Timothy caught my eye and scared me half way out of skin. Since then Olyphant’s career has gone along with consistent juicy characters.

In the film ‘Go’ Olyphant played a dangerous, yet sexy drug dealer even the goodie-two-shoes Katie Holme’s character couldn’t say no to even when she knew he was a very, very bad boy. Who doesn’t like a man with a dangerous edge? How about one with a badge?

After years of holding his own while going head to head with Hollywood’s finest on both film and TV, Olyphant’s new series ‘Justified‘ based on an Elmore Leonard short story (not off the Justin Timberlake album tsk! tsk!) became the highest rated series for FX (he was on their last season of Damages – meow!) since ‘The Shield.’ Oh my, oh my I hope that means it will be on for a long time. Olyphant is at his finest playing a U.S. Marshall that makes me want to pack a bag and move to Kentucky for a cup of Southern gentleman. There is magic in ‘Justified’ that you want to get on with on a weekly basis. Where are the real men ladies? On FX.


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