Sandra Bullock Kicks Ass…Ramble

Yes, you know what you did. Idiot!

If the rumors are true, it looks like another famous couple is on the rocks. Sandra Bullock hasn’t even had time to decide where to display her newly won Oscar for The Blind Side and now there are rumors her hubbie, Jesse James is having an affair with a tatooed stripper.

I love you Sandra. You did shock me with dating him in the first place, let alone marrying this wild man. I guess after blonde nice & hot guy Tate Donovan, blonde & tormented Ryan Gosling,  as well as the whacktastic but also easy-on-the-eyes blonde Matthew McConaughey (still have to look up how to spell his last name), the appeal of a truly hardcore masculine man who likes dirt so much his hair is brown could be appealing.

Dang Mr. Jesse James you seemed like you were changing. You went from porn star to Oscar star. You landed one of the most notoriously sweet and professional and just all-round talented women in the world. What is wrong with you? Seriously. Why can’t a woman be more successful than her man? Shouldn’t a dude like Jesse be able to handle that?

Sandy you are fabulous. I send you my best.

Jesse dedicated to you “Low” by Kelly Clarkson


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