Move Aside Men, It’s Time For A New Sheriff…Ramble

One of the reoccuring themes at SXSWi was what role female engineers play. Sadly, the stats that woman in computer science has gone down since 1985 from 37% to 18% in 2008. How do we overcome this? How do we encourage girls in math? I think going to local high school and educating them on the possibilities. It’s a stable and growing job market which is huge in this recession.

I spoke to a male engineer who told me he always got the impression growing up that girls were smarter than boys and he certainly doesn’t want to goto work in an all male environment. One of my former fellow Yahoo!s has turned in her engineering degree to purse writing musicals. The guys were also pulling pranks and trying to include her in their play, but when it came down to it, she wanted to be taken seriously and not by playing with mechanical toys in the office.

How can we at large encourage future generations that it’s okay to be into computer science, math and all things geek without losing your feminine side? Leave it to Barbie a huge influencer over girls to come up with putting the Chic into Geek.

Barbie as a Computer Engineer!


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