5 Questions with tidepooler…Ramble


@tidepooler has always been a breath of fresh air and creativity. She is so sweet and easy-going it’s addicting to be around someone so genuine. We worked together at VH1, where she always remained upbeat and willing to work out even the most tedious of problems. One of my favorite things about Celeste is her design aesthetic. She was always putting items together in a truly beautiful way with a smile on her face.

Since our Viacom days Celeste got married and moved to Berlin for a few years and then last year moved to the West Coast. I wanted to check in with her to trace how this has effected to her creative mind.
Location: Berkeley, California
Vocation: Freelance Writer
Sign: Leo

1) How do the design aesthetics differ between Brooklyn, Berlin and California?

These three places mentioned together makes me think of the architecture. Berlin has so much history, which a lot of the architectural design stems from. You’ve got these gorgeous pre-war buildings that survived the bombings, with crown mouldings, wide-planked wooden floors, and beautiful French doors that open out on to little balconies. Some of them still have their old porcelain coal heaters. Then there are the incredible platenbau apartment blocks from the 1960s

Always in-style

that are so fascinating. A couple of my favorites include this one with sliding windows in different tones of green, then there’s one down the street from it with a big rainbow painted across the facade. Brooklyn of course has all those wonderful Brownstones. I love those Victorian marble mantelpieces. In contrast, California seems so new, but also very retro. We had to get a car when we moved out here, so we got a 1983 Mercedes wagon. It just seems to fit the California aesthetic. Plus it runs on biodiesel – very California.

2) What kinds of items are you knitting these days? I think the most amazing thing I’ve seen by you was the green ‘butt warmer.’

That’s a genius item that really should have made me a millionaire. I’ve actually been working on the same scarf for over three years now. You might be imagining some epic 40-foot neck wrapper, but sadly, it’s only now nearing normal scarf length. But my latest craft project is making dolls! I’m having so much fun creating characters named after my six aunts: “Astronaut Patty,”

Marie Antoinette

“Mary Antoinette,” “Cathy Cat,” “Susie Blue Bear,” “Princess Margaret,” and I haven’t decided what the “Laurie” character will be. I’ve been wanting to make something to sell on Etsy for a while now, and am so happy to finally have come up with something. Check out my shop!

3) How does living abroad open you up creatively?
It’s such an amazing experience because everything is foreign. The language, the cultural expressions, the atmosphere… So it’s always exciting. I love that. Berlin is very special in terms of creativity. It’s a vastly international city, filled with tons of artists from all over the world. I really got the sense that you could do whatever you wanted artistically. People are constantly experimenting there. And of course there’s judgement, but at the same time there’s this remarkable sense of freedom. I don’t feel like you have that here in the United States, I guess mostly because it’s extremely difficult financially to pursue your artistic endeavors.

There is art in everything!

4) Your apartment was recently featured on Apartment Therapy which landed you a blogging spot for them. What will be your main focus to write about?

I’ll be writing “Green House Tours” for Re-Nest, Apartment Therapy’s green living site, and I’m super excited about it. I’m looking for beautiful, exquisitely decorated homes, that tie in eco-conscious elements – things like sustainable design, salvaged materials, repurposed spaces, small spaces… I’ve been wanting to break into the home design realm for ages now. One of the reasons why I started my own blog, Tidepooler, was so I could write about the home, in addition to other things that interest me, like weddings! (note: wild applause for @tidepooler!)
I love writing about so many different topics. In a single morning my brain could switch between scientific research, travel , jazz , Germany , and now green homes!

Try not to be set in stone!

5) How will you accommodate your space when your family expands?
We just bought a crib yesterday! Got the “Gulliver” from IKEA. It’s a really nice design and seems
sturdy. It’s still in the box, in a little interior room of our loft apartment, which will be the baby’s room come June. Right now it’s our super-sized walk-in closet, but I’m excited to turn it into a cute nursery. I got a green chenille rug from Target the other day for just ten bucks, and my friend Carly sent me the sweetest Matryoshka doll mobile, which I’ve already hung over the spot where the crib will go. It was a serendipitous gift because I’ve been infatuated with this Matryoshka fabric for a while, and now I think I’m going to have to go ahead and get some. Every baby should have a crib skirt to match her mobile!


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  1. I miss me some Celeste! p.s. sorry wordpress formatting goes a lil wonky at the bottom, trying to sort it out. xx

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