Crush of the Week: Scott Fujita…Ramble

You might be scratching your head wondering if Scott Fujita is the ultimate Eurasian– Caucasian first name, Japanese last name and he is a professional linebacker. If you’re not a football fan but you do watch the Superbowl you probably scratched your head when his photo and name seemed to be a little at odds.

Well, Scott was adopted by a mixed couple. His father is Japanese and his mother is Caucasian. He does consider himself Japanese and was raised to be so, thus his YouTube show ‘Who Dat Fish.’ Basically after each Saints’ win, Fujita makes a Sushi role in honor of a member of his team. It’s an adorable idea that shows off the fun side of the players.

Why is he my crush this week? While Fujita was part of The Saints winning the Superbowl, he just signed a new $14 million dollar contract with the Cleveland Browns. Need more reasons for a crush on this fellow? He speaks out and goes on record as being a liberal supporting both a woman’s right to choose and gay rights, and gives back actively. Mr. Fujita you are a fine person indeed.

(P.S. sorry ladies, gawk all you want at this good-natured Californian, he is married with two adorable little girls.)


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