Crush of the Week: Dr. Drew…Ramble

Long have we heard and heeded or at least laughed at the people calling in for Dr. Drew’s advice on the radio show Love Line. He is a voice of reason and he doesn’t belittle people while giving advice next to comedians and celebrities. Ah, the celebs, they also love Dr. Drew. He’s a man who inspires trust in bad situations.

I used to avoid ‘Celebrity Rehab’ and ‘Sober House’ since just the concept of watching recognizable faces go through the torment of withdrawal and therapy just wasn’t appealing. Oddly enough, at a time when I only want to watch comedy and action movies, I started watching it ‘Celeb Rehab’ this season when I came across Dr. Drew having a conversation with former madam, Heidi Fleiss. She fascinates me because she does not embody the Charlie’s Angel 1970’s hooker image that is embedded in my head (no offense Devine Brown but even you couldn’t shake the power of TV!)

What amazes me about Dr. Drew is the capacity of his brain and heart to continue to help and guide people who are extremely difficult. They quit repeatedly, act violent and disrespectful which has worn out their loved ones but Dr. Drew gives a lot of them hope and the tools to change their lives. It’s such an incredible and astonishing gift for the ones who can really make it through the process so thanks Dr. Drew for opening up the minds and hearts of your viewers with a seemingly unending amount of compassion. You are truly inspirational.


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