Untwisting the Mind with Helpful Design…Ramble

This beautiful hallway looks like a chic, modern hotel doesn’t it? They even have a chair in case you want to stare at the rug a little while longer and a stag in case you need someone to talk to but don’t use those doors. They don’t work… you open sections of the walls.

Sound a like a practical joke?  It’s actually the hallway of a mental instuition by nendo, you know the creator of the cabbage chair?

While nendo’s design is supposed to soothe and avoid patients starting from a negative space- a closed door, I’m wondering what this would be like in person. A door that never opens is a little bit of a mind bending isn’t it?  How is this really going to help people who want to get back to feeling part of life? Might I suggest spending a litle time with the Japanese thereupeutic robot  Paro? I find him a little more soothing and he’s portable.


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