Mala Gente…Ramble

In Shakira’s latest video “Gypsy” she looks like she is not even buying the crappy lyrics. One might think she was fooled into singing ‘Just like a Gypsy, I’d take your clothes if they fit me,’ and on and on the bad rhyming goes.

Of course, Shakira has been singing, shaking and stomping to lyrics like ‘lucky that my breasts are small and humble so you don’t confuse them with mountains’ for her entire career. However, at least that line has some poetic license that we were just intrigued enough by her hip swaying to ignore or look for deeper meaning…

Lo siento mucho Shakky, but the sexy in ‘Gypsy’ is provided by Rafe Nadal who is all greased up. You look embarrassed when shaking your assets for him and frankly, it felt like a ploy just to get your hands on his well-toned body. Did you suddenly goto the Enrique Iglesias school of video making? This one does nothing in comparison to the soft-porn (let’s be honest) of ‘She Wolf.’

In her previous video “Give It Up To Me” you can see Shakira is most confident when thrusting out her arms in a pumped up version of the chicken dance. Once she is wearing a long dress and head dress as the Indian ?? version of the Statue of Liberty, her expression is no longer strong and she looks like she is concentrating really hard to do something creative with her fingers.


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