Crushed Again: Pierce Brosnan…Ramble

As the billboards pop up for “Remember Me” sporting RPatz, all I can think is ‘wow Pierce (my heart) Brosnan is in that movie.’ Then I start lamenting that I didn’t know that at the time due to my WEAK stalker skills. 007 was only several blocks over filming scenes and I missed him….really? What?!!! That would make them weaker than a Charlie’s Angels sequel.

Photo by Nigel Parry

I believe in the year 2010 when there are no less than 4 films with Pierce Brosnan. The one I’m most looking forward to is ‘Ghost Writer’ also starring Ewan McGregor. Mr. Brosnan plays a Tony Blair type (does anyone look better in a suit than Pierce?) who is up to no good. Brosnan’s film company, Irish Dreamtime is also developing a sequel to the sexy ‘Thomas Crown Affair’ for MGM. Nice, but I hope his ginger co-star, Rene Russo’s make-up artist gets replaced on the next one if she’s in it.

From Pierce’s roles as the desperate father in Evelyn to his comical assassin in Matador to battling with Julieanne Moore (ginger alert number two!) in Laws Of Attraction, this is one actor who is able to create and develop great stories. Based in LA with his wife, Keely Shaye, Pierce is an activist for Mother Earth. I really miss him as 007 but I’m glad it lead him to create new characters and keep his creative juices flowing.


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