Get Guru on GetGlue…Ramble

Social networking sites come and go. When I started noticing I was a little like, great, what’s this? I’m not into Loopt or FourSquare cause I simply don’t need everyone to know where I am every minute of the day. Was I going to have to fill out yet another damn profile? Pick yet another name? Really? How much of this can we do and not get media burnout?

I started checking out and clicking on things I liked and didn’t like – books, movies, film and of course music. The great thing is there are also totally random objects you can like, even idea concepts. Although the algorithms are quite exciting, hopefully the team will add more content to the lists and options.

GetGlue also empowers users after they make comments on a topic. Once I was appointed the Guru of Deep Blue Sea (hello how awesome is that?!), I felt an obligation to visit the site, update and comment on postings. Yes, those tricky buggers know how to lure a competitive person in because they also will take away your Guru title on a subject if another community member is more active than you are on the topic! Thus creating online epic battles of experts, lending new life to the topic.

How the Gurus get chosen can seem somewhat arbitary. I was on Snow Patrol and the Guru asked me about The Reindeer Section. How did she get to be the Guru when she didn’t even know that Gary Lightbody, lead singer of Snow Patrol, has this indie supergroup side project. They’ve even put out a couple of decent albums. When she asked me for other artists that might sound like Snow Patrol, I really felt puzzled.

Aside from bragging rights on being a guru of a topic (I’m also the guru of A Field Guide For Burying Your Parents by the wonderful Liza Palmer), gurus are entered to win prizes that are relevent to the giveaways ie ‘Wolfman’ tickets would be awarded randomly in a topic like Vampires, etc. If that isn’t enticing enough, there is another way to make part of your ‘real’ life with tangible stickers for the stickers you have been awarded online.


A little update that rocks: I just won another book for being the Guru of Field Guide. I’m so excited. In case you didn’t know already, I love to read. Thank you GetGlue!


Dorking out– made the Guru of Gwyneth Paltrow!


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