Crush of the week: Shaun White…Ramble

Photo credit: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images

It’s thrilling to see the U.S. in the lead for the medal count in the Winter Olympics. The last time the US was in the lead? 1932. Yikes! While the cold war was renewed during the men’s final solo skating, there was nothing more attractive and awe-inspiring than the air that Shaun White flowed through to land with a gold medal. (Why are they so funky? I miss the traditional medals.)

When you are a child your imagination is so open to everything. You are curious, fearless and completely open to learning and exploring. What is you never lost those qualities or had them dimmed by time and age? What if you had sponsors and heroes of your sport became your friends from the early age of ten? Would you go through life with a smile on your face and the sun beaming at the sight of you on your own private half-pipe buildt by Red Bull? It is reality for Mr. White on the half-pipe with his snowboard.

Thank you Shaun for smiling, inspiring and reinvigorating a depressed nation. Love may lift us up where we belong but you soar above the eagles with style. Congrats on your win!


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