Eurasians Rule NYC…Ramble

I seem to be collecting my fellow Eurasians (hey Patti Stanger take that term ‘Amerasians’ and lose it, you are leaving out my global brethren.) I love showing off the NY in case you haven’t guessed by now dear readers.

I met up with the Swiss Miss & Her Mister at MOMA for another go round of the Tim Burton Exhibit. A little update for you, due to the overcrowding and probably the endless complaints, you need to either book a reservation online for it or queue up early and hit the information desk for an assigned time to enter. Although it was still overly crowded and poorly laid out, there is a prolific amount to see. I had a chance to see things I missed the first time and actually read some of Mr. Burton’s notes ie to Johnny Depp about a line he had for ‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.’ It was on cable the other day and the line made it in there so that gave me a little giggle.

Please Don't Touch!

If you are a huge Burton fan, at the end of the exhibit you will find one sketch from the forthcoming 3-D Alice In Wonderland film. ( I personally love that Johnny Depp snort laughs in the trailer as I am a snort laugher myself! Own your snorts!)

I suggest you also skip watching the Stainboy short films since you can watch them & actually hear them online.

We also enjoyed our fair share of Rothko, Miro, Picasso, and the circle obsessed Orozco. Seriously Senior Orozco you are a genius getting away with having an entire room with just one yogurt cap on each wall. It’s an implied Dannon yogurt endorsement.

We added a little Sex & The City to our day tour by staring at the Manolo Blanik window display and then hitting Magnolia for some red velvet cupcakes.

It was time to get things on track with a little Yum Cha Hong Kong Style which they do not apparently serve in all of Switzerland. How do you Eurasians survive over there without yum cha? Egads! Keeping it young and hip, we headed to the Golden Unicorn just like they did on ….yes, Gossip Girl. Hey, it’s in the top 10 rated Yum Cha restaurants in Chinatown so why protest? I was also very pleased Golden Unicorn serves yum cha until 4pm unlike LA where it ends at 2. I love you New York!

Don't look directly into the blinking eye!

A little bargaining can go a long way so tourists, please do not get your t-shirts in Times Square. Head down to Canal Street and get a bargain. You can negotiate and it’s fun. I rescued several random Swiss guys from overspending last week. I am happy to be paid for my services in….Swiss Chocolate. Oh it is so delicious. I may have to move there!

xoxo Grrlgenius

ps hit up for subway directions! There are free maps of NYC available in the subway. xx

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