My Funny Valentine: Eric Bana…Ramble

Mamma said knock you out! Bantastic!

Tall, dark, handsome and brooding might be the perception of one totally Bantastic individual, Eric Bana. He’s so delicious I tend to measure other of his ilk on the Bantastic scale. While he came of note globally with the release of “Troy,” no mean fete next to Brad Pitt at the height of his Golden God best, Mr. Bana started out in Oz as a comedian.

Althought it’s the Winter Olympics, there’s never enough advice for an Olympian on how to improve his game. Here’s Eric with some tips for future opponents of Michael Phelps:

I had the pleasure afforded by living in Manhattan, center of the promoting universe, to encounter during Q & A’s, Mr. Bana. He was the soft-spoken, charming, and passionate actor we see him most often portray now in his roles in MunichThe Time Traveler’s Wife and Star Trek to his documentary film Love The Beast (I do!). To Mrs. Bana you lucky lady, I hope you have a very enjoyable day of love with that is truly Bantastic!


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