Jedward…Ice…Dirty Pop…Ramble

There’s a little something, something that has crossed the zeros and ones causing excitement on a global level. It has to do with high hair, twins, fire and one Vanilla Ice. This is not a joke, this is real:

Just who are Jedward? They are twins who made it to the final ten on Britain’s X-Factor, who came to my ‘special attention’ with their uncoordinated bobbing for apples and jumping off of things style during George Michael week.

I’m all for blonde twins and fun Britpop. It worked in the 80’s for Bros:

Never heard of Bros? Then it means you never perused Top of The Pops magazine. Shameful. It was our bible in high school. The band had 11 top 40 hits. The adorable Goss brothers are still in the public eye: one is a chef and the other is acting in major films but even more interesting, the third “non-brother” in Bros. (that’s my brah dude!) was none other than Craig Logan who manages P!NK, as well as still working for RCA UK.

Back to Jedward and reasons to love this version of Under Pressure:

1) Simon Cowell is backing them

2) The audience clearly has no problem outright laughing at them until the cameramen (on a mission) locate laughers

3) As N’ Sync sang “Dirty pop, dirty pop, this must be ….POP!” and hello it is. During trying times pop music and fun is absolutely vital for lifting spirits. During Colombine I worked at Disney Chanel and it was the era of Britney, Christina, N’Sync, BSB dominating the charts selling millions of copies of albums, you know pre-piracy days.  (Sadly my pic with Nick Carter is him in dreadlocks…really. What was he thinking….not much I’ll vouch for that.)

4) EMBRACE this. Vanilla Ice is a genius for doing so, this is a win-win for him. Go Ice!

5) The twins have seriously bad coordination which makes them even more loveable : OMG, we love them for their flaws. It makes them soooo human!!! which answers The Killers’ question- are we human or are we dancer? Jedward: We are humans badly attempting to be dancer.


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