Crush of the week: Jonathan Rhys Meyers…Ramble

Bad Boys are mysterious, nefarious and like to have a good time no matter what. The oft misunderstood volatile actor variety have a long-standing appeal from the bad ass days of James Dean to Dennis Hopper (sorry 40th wife he just dumped your ass so you don’t get any of his kids’ inheritance)  to the overdosing River Phoenix (while Christina Applegate looked on in front of then-Johnny Depped co-0wner The Viper Room) and of course, The Foreign Import Versions.

So I had an itch, a sword works for that

Is there anything like an Irish Bad Boy? Colin Farell slid out of the “talent, yet tormented” spotlight for the past couple of years once fatherhood hit him making way for Jonathan Rhys Myers to take center stage. JRM’s long career has shown him playing roles that are full-out smarmy including ‘Velvet Goldmine’ to his Showtime series of lust, love and soft core porn ‘The Tudors’ to well-intentioned good-hearted with an edge roles in ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ and now the action film ‘From Paris With Love.’

Merci Paris. While JRM was playing a controlled social climber greedy for whatever his wanted in ‘Matchpoint’, I definitely perfer him in his more outlandish roles. At the heart of it all- with the drinking, the fiery look in his eyes of danger, JRM is a terrific actor with hello, amazing abs.

At 32 JRM has already lived about 31 years past what doctors predicted when he was born with a serious heart condition. I was further impressed with JRM performing all of his own stunts in ‘From Paris With Love’ …swoon!

UPDATE November 2013:
Lucky for us, JRM has a new series “Dracula” on NBC on Friday nights. Howl at the moon for us, the woman are already lining up to been torn apart. As much as I j’adore him, JRM’s faux Imperialist American accent is a little hard to take, see Rachel Weiss in ‘Runaway Jury’ for a female example. It’s a little painfully overemphasized.

Even that accidental direction can be overlooked because a weekly dose of Jonathan is exactly a gothic shot to the heart that makes a woman swoon. The order of The Dragon must be destroyed by JRM, a vamp with a heart who does not want to see the plague they bring with them- rape, violence, persecution. No, this Dracula wants to save humanity, while taking a few as tasty snacks as his payment.


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