Crush of the week: Tim Burton…Ramble


When I was just an intern back in the day at MTV, I was assigned the task of logging a few tapes of an interview with Tim Burton. This entailed hours on end of writing down every single word (by hand at that point) said on the tapes and the timecode so producers can just scan what was said.

The associate producer (Jesse, how far you’ve come!)  who assigned me the task was totally mystified when I came back 8 hours later, task completed.  (Guess the other guy who was paid to do it kept returning with a dozen excuses for stopping.) Why didn’t I stop? Tim Burton is that fascinating. He is truly a mastermind of creativity.

Mr. Burton’s MOMA exhibition has been extended a few extra months to April 26th (originally ending in January.) Bending your imagination It is the most extensive exhibit I’ve ever seen crammed with notes from when he was a child, his days at Disney, and throughout his illustrious career.

Moving through the MOMA exhibit at the rate of an LA traffic jam, with collisions every five seconds, loud yelling between museum visitors and security guards constantly berating picture takers, I would normally have bailed, yet every turn provided visions and colors to magnificent to leave.

This year Mr. Burton will head the Cannes Film Festival Jury which takes place in May. Oh how I wish I could be there to watch the films Burton annoints as worthy! It’s also been announced Burton is planning a 3-D version of “Sleeping Beauty.” How I wish our time working for Disney had overlapped! Sigh.


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