5 Questions with @emilyrobertson…Ramble

Over the holiday season I played host to my sweet sixteen Aussie cousin, @emilyrobertson. You may recognize her as the other half of the Eurasian Power Duo from our many adventures around NYC.

Emily is not your average student but a rising make-up artist who used her time in L.A. to work on a film and sharpen her skill set in that area with the help of @erinquill.

Even though the last time I had seen Em in person before this trip she was ten and much shorter than me, I was glad to find out she was 16 turning into a gorgeous young woman and still shorter than me. (This is a key element to making me happy which Louis, part of the Eurasian Power Triad did not do! Instead he shows up 20 years later over a foot taller than me. Okay he was an infant when I last saw him but really did he have to grow up over six feet tall? His redemption was being a good sport who tolerated my bad Faux French accent and teased him mercilessly.)

Back to EM!

1) You’ve been working on an independant film in L.A. as a make-up artist for the male cast members. What is the difference in making up women vs. men on-camera?

Well, when working with men it’s generally less work because you don’t have to put on eyeshadow, lipstick, cheeks etc. However, the main thing you have to remember is to take away the shine on their faces, remove any odd shadows and cover any blemishes, basically make them look the best they possibly can. Because working with HD cameras EVERYTHING shows up.

2) Is it true you applied make-up to one of the Twilight cast members? Did you witness any hysteria?

It sure is! It was Justin Chon who plays one of Bella’s high school friends. He was great to work with he’s really funny and nice. Because everyone on set was probably 25+ I think if there was any hysteria it would have come from me (I kept my cool though). He had an obsession with my hair and when I brought Tim Tams for everyone I was instantly in his good books.

(ed. note: It’s okay that Em sacrificed a pack of Tim Tams from Down Under, not the crap export Pepperidge Farm is hawking in some supermarkets. Really, I mean Justin is part of the Teenage Dream Factory that is ‘Twilight’ and I got my share. Really…it’s okay…..sniff….sniff.)

3) Do you have any tips for trying bold colors with skin tones i.e.. red lipsticks based in orange great for pale skin tones, not for dark. etc?

That’s a tough one! It really depends on the tone of the skin and if they are a cool or warm person. People really need to indapendant know their colourings, which is quite easy, you just look at your inner forearm and see what kind of shade you have to your skin, pink? yellow? Pink is cool and yellow is warm. Then look at your natural hair colour, what shades does it have to it? Also look at the colour of your eyes. If you haven’t really worn bold colours on your lips before, it’s best if you ease into it. Otherwise people will be a little shocked and you could get a little self conscious about wearing bold colours. Try colours that make YOU feel good! It is really hard though trying to find the right bold colours for your skin tone so I find talking to professionals at make up stands is really helpful.

4) During your trip to LA you had a chance to observe and try different types of make-up applications. What were they and which was the most eye-opening?

What's my style? Tranimal.

There is this style called tranimal and it’s like a crazy kind of drag. You cut up fishnet stockings and layer them on your face, it’s so creative I really loved it. I was also lucky enough to learn a few drag tips. I am in love with drag queens just because they are a piece of art, they are some of the most creative people I’ve ever met and I am dying to try some new looks, I might have to pay some of my guy friends to be a mannequin! Tranimal and watching the guys get into drag was really amazing.

5) What is the best plan for surviving a Zombie infestation?

Well, in the unlikely chance of an outbreak get out of urban areas because they could be anywhere. Find a safe place away from civilisation, think that where there are people, there will be zombies! Get a good team together and plenty of weapons, your aim is to destroy the zombie’s brain. That is the only way to kill them, DESTROY THE BRAIN! I could go on for hours but those are just some key things to remember.


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