Crush of the Week: Dr. Sanjay Gupta…Ramble

During last week’s heartbreaking scenes in Haiti, reporters flocked to Haiti in large numbers to cover the stories of heartbreak, rescue and violence. Dr. Sanjay Gupta showed he is one on-air personality who can help in another way as an actual neurosurgeon. I saw one report where he was literally doing triage as he reported on the conditions after the first day. He has been given accolades for his previous work on trips to Haiti prior to the earthquake.


While Katie Couric stands in piles of ruble describing the scene, Dr. Gupta performs relentless acts of medicine to make sure life is salvaged¬†where possible. He is so altruistic, he was shocked when other doctors went home due to security issues at night. Dr. Gupta stayed behind with his crew to care for patients. It just wouldn’t occur to him to leave when a medical crisis was in effect.

Watching Dr. Gupta on a regular basis, he is the type of man who inspires others to do more, and be¬†better people. He is living proof that one person’s actions can make a big difference.

Thank you Dr. Gupta and thanks to your family for supporting your efforts. (Sorry ladies, this hero is married.)


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