5 Questions with @wallaby212…Ramble

I owe my rock re-education to @wallaby212. We worked together at GetMusic.com. Hailing from the O.C., he wore shorts a lot and over-sized gas station attendant shirts, proudly proclaiming his love of hometown hero Stacey Q. Below your instant gratification moment for Dance Break:

And now back to @wallaby212…. a huggable man with a great laugh, he is one sharp tack who has managed to grow and change with each iteration of the web. Back in our GetMusic.com days once our offices were consolidated (hey you didn’t think this recession/layoff thing was new did you?) to one floor. Our doors were diagnol to one another and so we often blasted music we wanted the other person to hear and be passionate about– imagine a music company playing music. Shut the front door!

Now there's a man I wanna hug!

The amazing Krinsky added to my contact list and my music library which was overloaded with pop music (hello my nickname was Teen Queen.) He still keeps me on the bleeding edge with an annual holiday mix even to my speakers will dig.

Location: the 415
Vocation:online music whore
Sign: Aries

Blog: djwallaby.blogspot.com

1) What are your expectations for Sydney Mardi Gras?
I’m expecting a huge parade that’s also a huge street party, since that seems to be the centerpiece of the whole two weeks.  I’m also excited to see John Waters doing a one-man show at the Sydney Opera House (!). Beyond that, I’m equally excited about seeing as many marsupials as possible.  Marsupials are the coolest.

Wallaby up to mischief!

2) Why did you start a ‘song of the day’ blog?
I was curious to try out blogging (november `05), but I didn’t feel comfortable doing a blog about me, even though a lot of me comes through anyway.  I also geek out on specific songs all the time and I was excited to have a platform to gush about them, in detail.

3) What are the biggest differences between the gay scene in New York vs. San Fran?
I’m not sure it’s fair for me to compare.  I came to NYC single and largely friendless, whereas I came to SF with a partner who introduced me to his friend network, so I had new SF-based friends coming in.  As a result, I can go out to lots of bars here, in SF, and run into people I know, which makes going out lots of fun the majority of the time.  In NY, I usually had to plan to meet up with people to make sure I had folks I knew with me – which is funny because, otherwise, I run into people all the time in NY.

4) As a frequent business traveler does ‘Up In the Air‘ provide insights into life on the road? Are you addicted to travel? How do you define ‘cutting back’ on travel?

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I want to.  There’s all this stuff in the trailer about how the George Clooney character is a travel points whore – which is exactly how I am, so it was funny to see that up on the screen. I have gotten a little OCD about my travel, where I am constantly checking my points, gaming for upgrades, plane seats, etc.  I have scared people with my list of rewards programs, their related credit cards and so on. At the same time, my excessive work travel winds up subsidizing some great personal travel, so I think it’s worth it – I’m doing it for my personal travel and the possibility of greater comfort in my work travel.

5) What are the best places in the world to get wild?

I’m hardly the judge of that – for all my travel, i’ve only been to a couple of places in the world – i’ve just been to them over and over and over!  And I don’t know about ‘wild’, per se, but I do love Amsterdam and Paris – they’re probably my favorite worldwide travel places so far, but I have a lot more places to check out.


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