Eurasian Power Duo Takes NYC: The Final Chapter…Ramble

By now you might be wondering what else could a New York trip cover? Obviously we love fashion, food and fun! Why stop now?

1. Bergdorf Goodman’s: maybe it’s the recession, I don’t know and I don’t care the service was amazing. Jorge overheard me say ‘I love that one’ in the Gucci handbag section then brought down my coveted selections of white, buttery leather in the exiting season’s Jungle selection. Then he showed off a new piece from the incoming Techno season of gray and metallic pieces and suddenly we were in a Gucci trance.

We floated towards the Judith Leiber selection where the saleslady, who looked like she might be coming over to say ‘you’re time limit for staring at that case is up’ actually brought out the shiny Cupcake bag that was featured in ‘Sex And The City’ which Em’s 16 old hand almost dared not take, but did quickly succumb to the offer to hold the $4200 plus gem.
While the Cupcake bag was adorable and caused fluttering of the heart, my choice was the red Fu Dog which is only in the store because of Judith’s 40th Anniversary. At over $5K this dog will never leave you unwanted presents, fade or perish after 15-20 years. Classic in red and gold trim, the Fu Dog is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to buy my affections. Wink. Wink.

2. The Russian Tearoom- okay this was a ‘Mom request’ so we had to go there for tea. In my head I was like ‘ho hum is it the 90’s? Didn’t it get a remodeling? I haven’t been there in at least a decade.’ However, it’s not about me, it was about the dynamic Em & fulfilling the wish of her madre.

Our ole pal Brianistuft was up to the challenge and came ready for hijinks. Our fun at The Russian Tearoom exceeded expectations– that’s what happens when you take a couple of pop culture junkies add a dash of Prince Vladimir & Anastacia tea (why it was from London instead of Russia is beyond us.)

Who can resist the Russian uniforms? Cherries to sweeten the tea? The ornate gold trimmings and utter fabulousness of the room in general? Not us!

While we opted for the tea and then hit Mickey Mantle’s for a burger, if you are interested in a having the full-blown deal I suggest booking for restaurant week (Jan. 25- Feb 7th — it’s a long week!) only $24.07 for lunch & $35 for dinner. Serve up some borscht!

3. Broadway- take a chance and I know I have mentioned this prior but give the tkts booth a chance and you might find some delightful surprizes. ‘A View From The Bridge‘ was totally amazing. Our tickets were half-price thanks to tkts.

4. The Hayden Planetarium– you probably haven’t been there since your field trip in fifth grade. If that’s the case maybe you are too young to remember that’s where ‘Ross and Rachel’ had their first kiss on ‘Friends.’ Whatever the case may be if ‘Night At The Museum’ & the sequel didn’t remind you how much the museum has to offer, let me remind you the planetarium is amazing. We had a special ‘in’ and the last show of the day was held for us. How’s that for spectacular? Of all the places I’ve been ‘VIP’ in the this town, I love the ones at places someone else got me in to like Lincoln Center on New Year’s.

The show was Journey To The Stars narrated by Whoopi Goldberg. I did an recap in Whoopie’s voice which apparently was pretty close– shocking since I’m shockingly bad at accents. I cannot retain them and turn everything into a French accent (aw, we missed our 3rd member of the Trio but the French accent remains!)

Me (as Whoopie) Scientists found out the sun will combust in about 5 billion years, woah, that is some heavy shizzznit. Don’t worry though, humans will have moved on– WHAT?! Where the hell we gonna go? Oh well, that’s in 5 billion years, still doesn’t free up my Friday.

5. Tiffany‘s– while I made mention of this in a previous entry, it begs it’s own spot. The silver polish I bought has made a big difference and all my Elsa Peretti collection gleaming and made for a terrific-if-controversial-mom-alert-photo:

Hope you enjoyed our Manhattan and Brooklyn Adventures as much as we did.

Love, Kisses and Pop Glitter,


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