Crush of the week: Liev Schreiber…Ramble

As the lights dim at the start of  a Broadway show you hold your breathe, waiting for something spectacular to happen. I went to see David Mamet’s “Oleanna” hoping for those glossy, thought-provoking moments to be delivered but likeable Bill Pullman and Julia Stiles couldn’t help this overly painful play that reminded me of my Barnard days and how agonizing youth can be sometimes. The theme of that work isn’t timeless and it was a struggle to remain there with no intermission to escape.

It is with a little bit of scepticism that the Eurasian Power Duo opted to see Scarjo and Liev Screiber in “A View From The Bridge” even though we both had a liking for the actors as well as for Arthur Miller’s work.

Fortunately we were quickly transported to another world that balanced longings and hardship with humor and humanity. The actors were superb and I have to rescind my former questioning that ScarJo is just a pretty face because she was delightful on stage using her fabulous Brooklyn accent.

The real bright light was Liev Schreiber who’s great acting reputation is well deserved. He delivered a natural, sympathetic portrait of Eddie who longs for his niece’s affections. She is not blood related and puberty has left her well….Scarlett so it’s an uneasy enticement that gets further complicated when two Italian cousins of his wife show up and Catherine (Scarlett’s character) falls for one of them.

Eddie’s dilemma as he grapples to come to some kind of force that will allow him to wind up with his niece leads to actions that are unstoppable, like a gailforce wind beating into you on a cold winter night. The limited engagement runs until April so get yourself over to see it. TKTS had discount tickets at 50% off so take advantage of one of New York’s greatest offerings on the Great White Way during this blistering cold. You won’t regret it.

Since this was the younger half of the Eurasian Power Duo’s first Broadway experience, we suffered the bitter cold waiting on 20 minutes for a smiling Scarlett to sign playbills while Mr. Schreiber seemed like he was never going to come out especially when the lights on the Marquee went out…yet the Hot Thinner-Taller-Version of LL Cool J who was the po’ po’ on duty and theatre security were still there as well as Schreiber’s car. Finally, he came out with his guests and looked shocked. He apologized to those brave souls shivering to get a glimpse of him and signed everyone’s programs. A truly brilliant actor with a lovely soul! Sigh!


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