Eurasian Power Trio Activate Form of NY Tourist…Ramble

The holidays bring together many random friends dropping in from all over the globe. Since mid-November I’ve caught up with friends from LA & The UK. I’ve been looking forward to one of my Down Under cousins spending Christmas in New York, the best city in the world to enjoy this holiday! Who can resist the lure of Cartier wrapped up like a present? It really is the most wonderful time of the year especially since I was born in December. I love that the whole city is decorated.

On Christmas Eve aka Ricky Martin’s birthday, I found out we were doubling our Aussie young visitors from one to two. Is there anything better than showing off your city? If you are looking for some New York Fun, the Eurasian Power Trio has some suggestions:

1) Brooklyn Bridge– walking over this one should not forget that it gets seriously windy so bundle up and make sure to advise your guests to wear walking shoes. (Visitors constantly underestimate how tiring walking in NYC will be for novices.) Walking over The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the greatest ways to see the Statue of Liberty and vistas of Brooklyn and New York that are astonishing.

2) Pizza! Who doesn’t want to have a slice of New York Pizza? The food in NYC is just as legendary as Wall Street. You can take Scott’s Three Hour Pizza Tour for $33. It’s supposed to be completely amazing or try your luck walking over to Grimaldi’s which is good enough for John Turturro. You gonna mess with him? Of course, the queue is always crazy. I find it hilarious since there is a location on Long Island, no wait, ever! No matter what your pizza choice, it’s a must for visitors.

3) Jacques Torres Wicked Hot Chocolate. As always, the D.U.M.B.O location was overflowing with tourists, but that was no deterrent for us. I had to appease the Swiss Eurasian Aussie male who laid down the gauntlet with the greatest of facial expressions.

4) The Metropolitan Museum of Art— this was the one request of our engineering Eurasian’s mother. He thinks in binary code so he didn’t recognize or care for the beauty of Monet, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Degas, Renoir or the other masters. Unfortunately the Modern Art sections were closed at this time. This sums up our feelings on that, and of course, we still had fun in the Temple of Dendur

Haaaaaaa! Yeah, I mean it. You are so funny.Yes, I know you are wishing you were with us so you could’ve heard me put on my bad mall accent or French one. Unfortunately, these are the only two I do. This makes me the Pied Piper of my young chargers who I strongly encouraged to pose on the steps of the Met ala Gossip Girl so their friends back home could be envious of their NY adventures.

5) The Subway– what?! Oh yes, I hate to admit this but there was a too close encounter with two big guys who put up their fists behind us. My young charges were fortunately ahead of me and I turned on my New York ‘keep moving’ voice that keeps feet heading for safer ground. It is always an amusing freak show in the subway and achieving the fulfillment of a one day passes’ “destiny” with at least 4 rides!

6) Good news! Tim Burton’s exhibit at MOMA has been extended through April. Woot.

7) A New York HOTDOG!!!

8) Greenich Village– okay, it’s sort of water down from how racy it used to be, but of course I still managed to expose my poor visitors to a “local” caressing a rat as he exercised his turrets syndrome and somehow steered them into a fetish shop which we all thought would be kitchsy, not traumatizing. Opps. Luckily the guys at Employees Only (which the iPhone App “Around Me” suggested for good coffee. Hello, it’s a cocktail bar!) to Joe’s The Art of Coffee.

9) MOCA— I told you we are all Eurasian and the Asian part is Chinese. While scouring for fabulous handbags, meeting up for ‘Legitimate Massages Only’ and eating tasty treats at Taipan Bakery are always fun, you can also get some culture in at The Museum of Chinese in America.

Fabulous Bags!Too bad the dude never heard of the Eurasian discount! We left these glorious beauties behind.

Guess I won’t be making some extra cash at Fishion. LOL!

Let them eat Cake!

Louis was holding on to that cake like there was no tomorrow. It was not sweet enough for him, but I really liked it and …it’s pink!

Our brief two days of exploration ended seeing the amazing Erin Quill sing at Splash‘s Musical Monday at Midnight. She sounded amazing and even did a duet with her hubbie Chil Kong, you may have seen recently on Law & Order: SVU “Anchor Babies.”

Ice-T meet The Kong, Chil KongYeah, I’m classy, I took that off the TV old school style like when I was 10 and did that when George Michael was on TV. Happy Holidays!

Xoxo Grrl Genius

note: minus Chil & Friends all those pictured are gorgeous Eurasians! I can count. There are five of us, but the players changed but the Power Trio was together the past 2 days.


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