Crush of the Week: James McAvoy…Ramble

Do you sit through countless James Bond marathons? Are there posters on your walls? Did you fly to England to get one of the Daniel Craig Bond ice-pops? Perhaps you want to date Robbie Williams or Michael Buble just because they acted out their own Bond fantasies in their music videos. James Bond is suave, charming and the kind of man that is just a little bit sexiest in a way that ladies like it.

James McAvoy is a Scottish actor just like the best reigning Bond-of-All-Time, Mr. Sean Connery. Now James who has a certain rugged mysteriousness to himself has possibly signed on to play the creator of James Bond in a bio-pic of Ian Flemming.

I loved Mr. McAvoy in ‘Becoming Jane’ when his character was romancing Jane Austen (sue me I’m a woman I love Jane Austen!) and even more so in ‘The Last King of Scotland’ as he survived an Africa dictator’s brutality, but it was the action-film ‘Wanted’ where he outshone Angelina Jolie’s sexiness, that makes me say this role is one that Mr. McAvoy will not dissappoint us. I forsee him bringing a savvy mysterious darkness with a twinkle in his eye to the role which will find audiences just as riveted by James Bond’s creator as we are with James Bond.


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