Last Minute Music Gift Suggestions…Ramble

Santa had his slay, you have a mall open til it’s time to make Midnight Mass. Here’s a few suggestions to help you on your way!


For the cool hip-hop lover on your list: K’naan Troubadour. You got me you got me, bang bang you got me K’naan direct from Africa, you blew me away from the first listen. Beyond love this album and its depths.

Pop Queen: Lady Gaga’s Fame Monster …which they probably have already so might I suggest broading the horizons to Imogen Heap’s Ellipse? Seeing ‘Fluffy Immie’ is one part Bridget Jones + 2 Eletronic Savvy parts add a lost wood nymph who simply decides to live in Snow White’s cottage= Imogen live. Truly an unforgettable, charming performer.

Teen Fiends: Jonas Brothers have helped to launch a 4 piece boyband Honor Society any mother who is not quite ready to usher her pre-teen into the Twilight arms of a werewolf full of abs or the hauntingly gaunt grasp of Rob Patz’s as the vampire Edward, can rest at ease purchasing.

Cool Soccer Moms Who Just Don’t Have Time But Still Love Music: Lily Allen, John Mayer, Ingrid Michaelson, Adele, Daniel Merriweather, Rob Thomas, Gary Go.

The Hipster Who Pirates: The Gossip — a must in their legitimate arsenal


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