Crush of the Week: Civil Twilight…Ramble

When Civil Twilight played the Soho, NY Apple Store there was a lot of swooning. I was very happy after tweeting my location, to find @isaacayers was there and we watched the show together. Afterwards, the woman in the red scarf below (I’m sure she is still blushing), who is a friend of a friend commented she would wrestle me for the lead singer, Steven McKellar’s attention. Of course, when we were talking/bantering/commenting on his Rob Patz eerie resemblence and the band’s name conjuring up images of black clouds hanging over the domain around forbidden vampire lust… she basically just turned the color of her scarf. It was so adorable. I’m used to actually talking to bands instead of getting hysterical and crying like the wonderful South Americans who are so passionate when they meet bands they fall over and some get carted off to the hospital. After some hemming and hawing, we decided on a group photo.

Ike, Band, Me, Band, Scarf, Intern, Brianistuft, Band, Doro

As you can see we are all sort of tame but smushed in the middle are myself, Steven, and Red Scarf. Look how sweet we all look. Awright, Ike looks a bit bored & like he is a member of the band due to his non-smile-I’m-cool demeanor.

However, then I had to apologize to Steven because the way we were squishing in to make sure everyone fit into the photo,  my knee touched his butt. Here is the reaction to my comment in the second photo (taken by the band’s manager):

A picture really is worth 1000 words!

I love the gamut of emotions.

Issac thought bubble: Uh, I thought this was supposed to be a Jonas Brother’s appearance

Richard (drummer/blonde) thought bubble: That’s about right.

Me: snooorrrrt!

Steven thought bubble: Take That R. Patz!

Red Scarf thought bubble: I love you Steven!

Intern thought bubble: I’ll show you a butt worth admiring!

Brianistuft though bubble: Oh My Dear Heaven! Goodness me!

Andrew (guitar): I’m so glad I’m not my brother……

Doro: So naughty! (but I secretly love it!)


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