5 Questions with @blinblin100…Ramble

It’s been a helluva of decade. Last night I went to a Christmas party and ran into 2 former bosses and 5 former co-workers I haven’t seen in about …ten years. It was interesting that a few of them are still working together at a new company. It was during that job at GetMusic.com (which I still can’t believe was ten years ago) when I met the incredible @blinblin100.

The first time I met her in person it was in LA for a release party for the band Orgy. She had this incredible outfit on that fit the theme of the party, which was later shut down by fire marshalls (yes her outfit was that hot!)…. too bad it wasn’t in time for the parking garage to still be open. I have no idea what I wore but the term ‘fish out of water’ comes to mind especially since my sister and I got hit in the head a couple of times by a wayward cameraman. I was there to take photos for a contest. After GetMusic went away, and I started GrrlGenius Inc., she was one of my first clients hiring me to do online promotions for a slew of rappers including Ching-a-ling Chingy, the lovely Kylie Minogue, and Mr. Smoothe –Javier. Uh oh I just had a flash back of meeting Chingy in LA asking him about his bling when I was with Blin. Bling + Blin = hijinx!

Since then we’ve become fake sisters when we were late to join up with our fake parents for an annual Superbowl Yahoo! party in the Palisades. Yeah, we were shopping at The Beeevvvverly Center. The following year we were um late cause of a mani-pedi that went way too long.

@blinblin100 is direct, has a wicked sense of humor and she infects people with the things that she likes–her passion for ‘Lord Of The Rings’ even took us on a journey to New Zealand. The LOTR museum was our first stop. Seriously? Seriously. I can feel the sunshine as we ate lunch at a nearby pub afterwards marvelling at the wonders we had just seen.

Location: the black tower
I market things

1) What are your top five songs of the year?

I’m going to give you more than 5.  And don’t make fun of the amount of records from work (ed note: Universal). We put out great music.

Breathe – Anberlin

1901 – Phoenix
Empire State of Mind – Jay-Z
Alligator – Tegan & Sara
Country Roads – Ryan Bingham

Soft Shock – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
A Place to Hide – White Lies

Revelry – Kings of Leon
Passion Pit – The Reeling

2) When you worked at Capitol what was your favorite campaign you executed?
Coldplay & Corinne Bailey Rae

(Note: I’m so jealous Blin got to work with Coldplay, the only band I’ve ever wanted to meet, that I have yet to in person….although technically we were sort of stalking Will Champion at a Grammy party.)

3) Who is your favorite character on Family Guy and who do you most resemble in terms of personality?

Stewie of course.  I don’t resemble anyone – I’m special in my own way.  They would need to draw me in.

4) If you weren’t in the music industry what career would you like to try your hand at?

I would try being a history teacher or an archaeologist.  Or possibly a combination of both.  But both careers require more education and I’m over writing papers or taking tests.

5) What is the key to winning at darts?

Balancing a beer in the other hand.

Final note: @blinblin100 does take requests, but ultimately she decides who she allows to follow her.


3 thoughts on “5 Questions with @blinblin100…Ramble

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  2. I had no idea that you and Betty met at that Orgy event. The funny thing is that I remember it because I used to have a bunch of photos from the event saved on some hard drive – because of all the freaks there, they were worth saving – but, sadly, those pics are M.I.A. now.
    Quite an auspicious place for you to kick off your friendship 🙂

    • Oh DK! Bummer I would have loved to see those. This is absolutely why I love doing the 5 questions so I can give tribute to the kickass people that I know in this life.

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