Crush of the Week: Matt Bomer…Ramble

Last week I was walking home from the gym and saw that “White Collar” was going to be filming in my area on Friday and Saturday. I saw the usual trucks and crew members but was not able to spy the actors as they were filming indoors.

Of course, Friday’s fall season finale left me falling off my couch so I wanted to hunt someone down who could tell me what was going to happen when the show returns in January. No amount of teasing would reveal any such secrets. Instead, I had to go home, thaw out from the slushy snowy rainfall and dream of Matt Bomer and Tim Dekay.

When USA first started airing commercials I was lukewarm to the premise of an FBI agent (Dekay) teaming up with the world’s greatest jewel thief (Boomer) to catch other criminals. Of course, then I watched the show and the comraderie between Bomer and Dekay was so charming.

I was like a juror who’s vote is swayed by each lawyer’s closing arguements as to which one would be my ultimate crush. Dekay is a long time character actor who only gets more handsome with age. Point-Dekay. Bomer is a charming, blue-eyed actor who already made People’s Sexist People of the Year list. Point- Boomer.

As they say on Project Runaway “the competition was fierce” for my affections.

When Dekay’s character turned out to be a little less cookie cutter in the finale then one might think, I was further intrigued. Boomer’s character Neil Caffrey has been surrounded by beautiful ladies all season and is always referred as being a player, who oddly is devoted to the one woman he can’t have, his ex-girlfriend, Kate who is apparently under Peter’s thumb. Point Dekay.

In ‘real life’  Bomer went to Carnegie Mellon, the college both of my sisters graduated from- Point Boomer.

Dekay has been on “Friends” and “Seinfeld.” Point- Dekay.

Boomer was in the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remake. Point-Dekay.

Boomer has blue, sparkling eyes reeking of mischief. Point Boomer.

While I love crushing on both men, the final outcome has to be Bomer. Why? Because USA made the mistake of running their ‘I’m A Character’ Campaign with Dekay stating he is a father. Minus ten crush points! Thanks for ruining that character fantasy USA!


Jan. 19, 2010:

Update as tonight kicks off the return of ‘White Collar’ and a few of my friends have mentioned Gay Rumors are circulating about Matt Bomer. Whether or not Matt is gay, married, has kids or single, etc. I think the less we know the better. Just like I mentioned about finding out DeKay is married, it ruins the fantasy. Sure, I figure by now these people are all in some sort of relationships, but advertising it does kill the fantasy.  I watch TV and films for entertainment and a break from reality.

The writing on ‘White Collar’ is fun, intriguing and Matt’s portrayal of Neal Caffrry is a believable, likeable character who just happens to be “the world’s best con artist who can have anything he wants but the girl he loves.”

There is a point when we know too much about people. Matt’s career is not as established as Neil Patrick Harris, who came out with one sentence to People magazine saying he was gay before the Internet gossips did. Matt Bomer is still early in his career and has a lot more to lose in terms of perception. Gay groups want to claim him, but Matt isn’t denying anything, it’s just a topic that he doesn’t care to discuss at the moment. Often there are wrong claims and when it can affect a person’s livelihood I wonder what the point is of it? I don’t care if Matt Bomer is gay or straight, I simply adore him and I will still be watching ‘White Collar’ regardless.

From EW- I'd like to be entertained by this weekly!

P.S. to all my fabulous Gay Friends and Gay Bloggers: Think about it this way– how often do your single girlfriends complain about there being no good men out there? They go out and have a few drinks with you because you understand them, you are fun, you are compassionate, you cut to the chase and leave it all on the line. These are qualities hard to find in your average straight male dating population. Could you kindly leave a few of these impossibly hot male actors we know we’ll never have a chance with for straight women to fantasize? Thanks, we appreciate it.

UPDATE 2/14/12
Now that Matt has officially come out all I can say is hats off to you and much happiness. Glad you did it in your own way and still a big fan.


4 thoughts on “Crush of the Week: Matt Bomer…Ramble

  1. I love the relationship between Elizabeth, Peter, and Neal.

    However, from the beginning had, as a female, a hard time finding it believable that he was a lady’s man. His mannerisms, and a lot of other signs didn’t make him believable.

    Since I have read all the men who think he his hot… etc. this has only confirmed what my female side saw. I think they should tress the ‘con-man’ rather than the ladies’ man character.

    They have a scene where he was kissed by a woman and was the tip-off. He looked as though he was kissing a plank of wood but when he was kissing a previous ‘boyfriend’ it was very passionate.

    I will forever have that vision in my mind.

    I think if the White Collar staff were smart, they’d push the con-man- smart character and just not push that he is a ladies’ man.

    He a a good actor, but I prefer Mozzie, Elizather, and Peter!

    1. I agree with you on focusing on the con-man part of it. That part of the story is really convuluted ie he is a lady’s man, but he’s devoted to a girlfriend who dumped him?

  2. The idea of USA focusing on the smart con-man instead of the ladie’s man is a wise choice. He definitely is not a ladie’s man with the different mannerisms I have seen. There is still alot of stigma for gay men. What I don’t like is the way television portrays gay actors as being a ladie’s man. That is giving the false impression. But on the other hand, I don’t want to see Matt Bomer kissing another man on TV either. Let the con-man portrayal play out its part. That is more convincing.

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