Lessons Learned in 2009…Ramble

It’s that busy time of year when we look for the best bargains for our loved ones…and maybe a few for ourselves. While waiting in the shopping queues which remain fairly short, there isn’t enough time to reflect on the year that is ending. In 2008 I learned that French men have a thing for Asian girls. I also learned that you should have a will, something I have still yet to complete, because no matter what age you are life can end in a blink of an eye, while other struggle endlessly in hospital beds and rehabilitation centers.

2009 had it’s own lessons to teach me:

The only way out is…through.
Musical translation Howard Jones “Things Can Only Get Better”
Books Without You by Anthony Rapp &  A Field Guide To Burying Your Parents by Liza Palmer

It’s still a boy’s club out there no matter how many skills you have. At a dinner with six people a few months ago, there was only 1 person still working at a label.
Girl A: the only people left working at labels are either kiss asses or give great bj’s. …
We all laugh looking at Girl B who works at a major label.
Girl C: Well we all know that Girl B doesn’t kiss anyone’s ass, so who are you shacking up with?

Musical translation:
“Best of Me” by Morningwood
“Bad Boys” by Wham!
Book: There’s No Such Thing As Business Ethics by John C. Maxwell

Sometimes help comes from people you might know only casually. Don’t be afraid to accept it.
Musical translation: “Hot Mess” by Cobra Starship
Book: Italian For Beginners By Kristin Harmel

The only failure is not finishing. And… just finished the first draft of the novel I’ve been writing.
Musical translation: “Beautiful” by Gary Go
“Empire of The State” by Hova– although I think it’s disrespectful that he sang this song with the lyric ‘I make the Yankee cap more famous than a Yankee do’ at Yankee Stadium during the World Series, I am totally inspired by the bigs lights of New Yawk, New Yawkkk.

Book: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith — before you scratch your head, let’s just say that there are little zombies or trolls or demons in this life that spring up trying to take advantage of catching you off-guard and take you down for pleasure, detracting you from your true path –both finding it and distracting you from reaching it. There’s no need for you to shy away from your own shine because these ghouls are out there. If you have a vision, don’t let the economy, recession depression, or frugalism keep you from taking a step back, looking at the bigger picture and going for it! If you have to immerse yourself in Disney films for a day or goto Comedy Clubs or write yourself a schedule to accomplish it, just do it. Then get off your couch and get down to reaching your goals. The real zombies are the ones you create for yourself!

One of my sisters wouldn’t even read this book because as much as she loves Jane Austen, she doesn’t like scifi elements at all. She and Miley Cyrus can get together for a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s because neither one of them wants to see the Twilight films. They just get creeped out by vampires and werewolves which humans are generally powerless against. …. And yet we – my sister and I (sorry Milers I don’t know your thoughts on this topic) share a love of shark movies. I guess these are more concreate attackers who we can battle and encounter in acquariums or in the Deep Blue Sea. (Note: sharks have attacked in 3 feet of water.)

Pull away from the rambling…. just long enough to say thanks to all my readers for your comments, your insights and I would love to hear some of the lessons you learned this year too.


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