Crush of the Week: The 650 Lb. Virgin…Ramble

If you haven’t seen the TLC documentary  ‘The 650 lb Virgin: The Weight is Over” then you probably might be thinking what kind crack is she smoking? The Virgin aka Dave Smith lost 410 lb. He looks great, better yet his attitude about the type of woman he is saving himself for has not changed.

Dave has had several plastic surgeries to get off the excess skin and reshape his face, which is why he looks so amazingly different in that area in case you were looking at his before and after photos scratching your head.

He became BFFs with his trainer, Chris Powell and now they have made a business out of the battle of the bulge called Reshape the Nation. This is an amazingly inspirational story. Dave couldn’t even fit into the front seat of the car and now he gets love letters in droves.

The sweet part is Dave doesn’t want to just have sex. He wants to save himself for his wife. I have to say his attitude and honesty is so ridiculously sweet you have to root (ok I admit I just laughed because in Australia a ‘root’ is actually having sex) for him. I think he’s an inspiration in a time when obesity, depression and motivation are such huge problems in our country. A big digital hug to you as I run out to the gym!


One thought on “Crush of the Week: The 650 Lb. Virgin…Ramble

  1. This is a great and encouraging true-life story. His attitude about women, if he keeps it, will be a great good for himself and his future family. I have just published a book in which the main character, 15-year-old Angela Fournier, shares the same values. Nonetheless it is a gripping fast read. If you want to know more, just go to my website. Also read my blog at

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