Fave Songs About Boys, Boys, Boys…Ramble

I just got stood up for the second time in four days by the same person. Um? This is exactly what inspires bad pop songs about Boys. I just downgraded this guy -who is one of the coolest people I was friends with at Yahoo! from man to boy. Eh, time for a dance party:

1. Boys, Boys, Boys by Lady Gaga – although her boys show up, make out with her in the bleachers and buy her egss in the morning.

2. Boys – Ms. Spears sometimes needs them, so do I. Her boys know she is the one in control like Janet, Miss Jackson if you’re nasty.

3. Wild Boys– Duran Duran knew how to shine. They were futuristic Mad Max kind of sexy boys who conquered murder by the roadside and let the phone ring while they were dancing in the rain. Now that’s hot.

4. Boys of Summer- Mr. Don Henley really knew that hormones rise in the sweltering heat of summer. He pleadges his townie love will last longer than those damn ‘Boys Of Summer.’

From The Backstreet Boys promising never to break our hearts to the UK’s Boyzone – No Matter What They Tell Us, I can’t say that I’ll ever give them up but in the mean time I’m waiting for some real men to who know how to set a time and date and place and ….show!


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