George Michael Week on X Factor…Ramble

Since I was a young teeny bopper, I dreamed of seeing shows in London. My friends and I found out about new bands from magazines and radio. Shocking! I was the type of kid that once I fell in love with an artist bought singles and when it came to George Michael I would buy them in every single format: 45″, tape (!!!), vinyl remixes with B-sides, even the short lived mini-discs.

Just like the Highlander, there could be only one– 1 super-mega-star that always captivated me above the rest and that remains, the smooth vocals of the uber-talent George Michael. Although in the US, he shied away from spending a lot of time here after his sex scandal in the Will Rogers Park, I think he underestimated how much Americans love a good sex scandel, pretend to be shocked by it, and then embrace (minus violent evidence Mr. Simpson and Mr. Brown) that star again (i.e. Rob Lowe & Hugh Grant.)

I have thus been waiting for a while to see George Michael and love the anticipation that built up to George Michael Week on X Factor.

The newsreporter is actually making it sound like these were new rumors, ones that have been circulating for months on the net and that it wasn’t all planned out carefully. There may have been some back and forth about song choices, but seriously God bless the X Factor for giving George yet another generation to embrace his amazing music.

It is kind of funny Stacey choose a song George covered, “I Can’t Make You Love Me” as her choice for George Michael– X Factor Week. Um, George has written amazing ballads (Father Figure; Kissing A Fool; can I get a Praying For Time anyone?) of his own so why cover a cover?  Stacey does a very decent job singing it but as a long time George fan I wish you had a bit of better direction on that choice.

Nice job Stacey, hope your nerves calmed down. But what could be more entertaining then Simon Cowell’s penchant for young girls with big voices (ala the boring Leona Lewis great chops sick of her fragility)? How about these two over hair-gelled twins that remind me of Bros from yesteryear? Did that reporter from the first clip pique your curiosity for them singing ‘Wham! Rap’?

John & Edward oh my! If I was 13 I would be in love with you, although I would not have seen George and Andy perform the original versions of the songs you combined. There were a lot of dancers and jumps and you wearing shirts that said ‘Choose Life’ which was the styling in the video for “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” — not even on the same albums as either one of the songs chosen a minus ten on the GM fan chart. The teeny bopper matching set started with “I’m Your Man” swapping out the breakdown rap in there for indeed, for the one from “Wham! Rap.”

As much as I love twins, this was a double blunder of stiff choreography, bad timing and Simon agreed with me. His comments are so dead on as the other judges tried not to blatantly laughed in their faces. Poor Dannii Minogue was said they sang in tune but they couldn’t keep the timing of the rap. Aw, Ms. Minogue you looked really pretty even if they put you through vocal hell.

Contestant Danyl Johnson missed a few lyrics, but overall did a decent job singing “Careless Whisper” and he has some very earnest eyes that carried his performance. At the end of this clip, if you are not familiar with X Factor’s format, you will understand that each judge gets to mentor a contestant providing fun banter.

My personal favorite of the bunch was this kid, Joe McElderry who sang “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” –which is actually an Elton John song, later it was a duet with George Michael. Um, funnily enough one of the judges mentioned this, but they didn’t say that for Stacey so the truth is if you are singing well, then the rules don’t apply apparently.

You can really get a sense that the twins and Stacey should be put out to pasture when you see them all do a group performance of “Wake Me You Before You Go Go”

Personally I prefer the original George Michael and always will!


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