Crush of the Week…Ramble

I can’t help but get a real kick out of Josh Flagg. I couldn’t take the whining and moaning on Bravo’s first season of ‘Million Dollar Listing’ especially during a recession. Here were three spoiled brats running around LA flaunting their wealth and accomplishments. It just irked me.

This season, I don’t know what happened. I found myself getting sucked into it, filling the hole left by the end of ‘My Antonio.’ (Don’t you miss Antonio Sabado’s dimples ladies? Greatest smile ever!) I have wound up with a little crush on Josh Flagg. This photo on the left is pretty silly so maybe I just like a guy with a closer crop he is sporting this season like Beckham. Mmm, Beckham. BTW, the Bravo folks tagged the above photo as ‘douche.’ Bwahaha. As this pic is from first season (update that website) I would agree.

Getting back to Josh, who it turns out is only 23. Josh graduated high school in 2004! (And I just wrote that article  10 Signs You Weren’t Meant To Be A Cougar!) He went right into real estate and walks around wearing an Hermes belt buckle, driving a Porche and jetsetting around the globe.

Have I listed any reasons to like Josh yet? Well, I watched a little more this season and found Josh to be the comic relief –or rather the intentional comic relief because Chad Rogers is seriously a complete bonehead. I use such a description because it fits Chad’s monotonous immaturity as he abandons his girlfriend on a romantic getaway after he skipped off for 8 hours to do staging in a house and toasts her & their dog his ‘two favorite girls in the world’ by saying work always comes first. WHAT?! His girlfriend should get an Oscar just for tolerating his clueless behaviour and his ridiculous haircut.

Here’s some of the reasons to j’adore Josh:

1) He knows he is over the top and plays it up

2) Great imagination in selling houses

3) Everything he does is first class and fun

4) His best friend is his grandmother– I’m not kidding. He wrote a book about her he is selling for charity called : A Simple Girl Stories My Grandmother Told Me

5) Josh has good taste. He enjoys champagne, good shoes,and he takes bubble baths.

Meantime I get my weekly fix of Josh. I was glad his health scare was just his running on full throttle and to learn he also had a bit of A.D.D. I love kooky guys. I totally wanted to just give him a hug and say “Josh, you are more priceless than the million dollar listings in your arsenal.”

And that’s my crush o’ the week.


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