Fran Healy & Andy Dunlop of Travis…Ramble

IMG_0697There are three more dates (woo finally I am not at the last show of a tour), left at Joe’s Pub for Fran Healy & Andy Dunlop’s US tour. Last night Fran told the stories behind the birth of Travis’ songs over the past twenty years including “Driftwood.” He had been proscrastinating, watching ‘Cheers’ and Norm overheard his boss say there would be layoffs – and getting rid of all the extra ‘driftwood.’

It’s so wonderful when an artist you love simply says thank you. Fran & Andy were signing a bootleg they made of the tour. They wanted to meet anyone who wanted to meet them! What?! I love when rock stars are that cool and mellow.

A hugely adorable highlight was Fran’s 4 year old son, Clay, was there for his first concert. Clay shouted out a request for his dad to play his current favorite song ‘Billie Jean.’ His dad was artfully negotiating more time when Clay requested several times between songs ‘Papa stop singing! I want to go home!’ because the poor bubba was tired. It made them singing ‘My Eyes’ , my personal favorite Travis song, even more special.

Andy chewed gum, offered up several smiles and played both the guitar and piano, sipping red wine between songs. Fran was gave us much to laugh about and explained the “invisible man” is the A & R guy who happily encourages heart break = cha-ching for the label.

Frannie also mentioned although the invisible men say free music devalues music, he thinks $10 for an album devalues music because music is above pricing. I thought that was a very lovely stance to take and I agree with him. Music brings you back to a moment in time, to people gone or big events like marriage, birth, death, etc. It fuels the soul and it should be available to everyone. It can transform a moment or ruin one, make us laugh and dance and most of all sing….sing, sing sing.


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