Liam Finn & Eliza Jane are F’in Aussies…Ramble

Liam & EJ
Liam and EJ
Last night was the final show in the US for Liam Finn + Eliza Jane at Brooklyn’s Bell House. There was also a little game on over in the Bronx so the timing of buying a ticket to see these Aussie rock star offspring was not perfect (but that’s what the net & recaps are for!)

Early on EJ had a ‘moment’ where she stomped and screamed into the mic over a non-functional monitor. It was charming in a petulant child way. It was soon fixed. Liam confessed he was bleeding if anyone wanted his DNA, but though the crowd in front was packed with tiny drunk girls, there were no takers on that front.

Just like a Crowded House show, audience members yelled out requests and questions asking Liam what he was drinking : Tequila ( a hot toddy for EJ) and insisting he have more to fuel his intense drum solos. When EJ commented it was time to get it out of the way- how many Kiwis are in the house? Liam responded “I was born in Fucking Australia!” Such was the fun banter between the two which made for a happy musical liason.

Musically the duo wowed the crowd with distortion tactics, a drum machine, haunting vocals, ‘fake drum’ (Liam would record a couple of bars ala KT Tunstall for a loop, then return to his guitar) and calling up friends from the audience to play with them. Audience members howled with delight for Second Chance; Gather To The Chapel; and Honest Face. There were moments when Liam so resembled his father, Neil on stage it was uncanny.

The set also included Red Wine Bottle from the Seven Worlds Collide collective album, which there is a snippet of them performing in the below:

Sorry my camera isn’t amazing, it did capture how electric the show is but here are some more pics for Finnheads. Click here for my other entry on Liam.


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