The Joy Of Cursing …Ramble

Sometimes the only appropriate to vent about a situation is a using good a curse word. But let’s go beyond the basics. There is a real fun in cursing. Why is it saying a curse is much more shocking to people when written? Perhaps it’s the permancy of it, perhaps we’re taught to censor ourselves in front of nuns, bosses and parental units, grannies tucked away in nursing homes. To be honest, those are probably the people who taught us how effective it was when they heard us use them, only encouraging the naughty behaviour.

My favorite new cursing classic is “asshat” which I got into a discussion about with @jrjeffrey last week on the phone. He had not heard that one before, but was determined to use it immediately and by the end of our call said “She said ‘eat shit and wear an asshat!” much to the delight of a hunky bystander. Meow. Jeffrey loved it so much he checked out, which defines the term stemming from someone ‘having their head up their ass, thus wearing an ass hat.’

It reminded me of the joy of cursing. Back in the day, a roommate moved out while my cousin and I were not at home. It was planned, but what wasn’t was her taking furniture that belonged to the other lease signer. When my cousin was venting his anger he couldn’t stop dropping the f’ bomb. F’in this f”in f f f= which I turned into the masterpiece “f*ckity f*ckwit.”

Further back, there was a high school note I had on how you can use the word “fuck” as a noun, adjective, etc. which I passed along to a friend. Her mother found it and “boop” I was not allowed to go over to her house anymore. I didn’t even write that masterpiece and damn, I wish I still had it!

Other classics include:
1) F*ck down – um, yeah a car almost hit me and my friend and it just came out.
2) MoFo of G- Mother F*cker of well, um, Gawd, aka a one way ticket to hell or the confessional booth


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