George Michael vs. Himself…Ramble

Cardboard George

Me & Cardboard George.

It’ll be no surprise to anyone who knows me I’m writing about my beloved George Michael. It’s been a life long love affair with his music, jumping on planes to see him and spending way too much babysitting money back in the day on all things Wham! and George Michael.

All the wheels are in motion for George to deliver a Live DVD of his tour Twenty Five Live entitled ‘Live In London’ and includes 23 songs. A tour, that allowed me to live out a fantasy seeing George at one of the sold out Earl’s Court shows in London as a VIP, talk Wham! with people who were part of the crew then and now, drink wine that George drinks. But, I digress…. He will go ‘head to head’ with finalists on ‘X-Factor’ (he will sooooooo win.) But now GM is releasing “December Song” which he gave away for free on his website “Last Christmas” (oh yes, that is a Wham! reference reader. You are too smart!)

December Song ’08 vs. December Song ’09

December Song ’08 is typical old school George fanfare – mention of Jesus, needing forgiveness and a voice as smooth as butter. Being a December baby, I love that George put out a song about Christmas. Sonically it has elements that remind me of  “Kissing A Fool” during the opening chords and for a reason I can’t pinpoint, “A Different Corner” though obviously less moody.

December Song ’09 What’s the difference between the free single last year and this year’s version? Remastering. Who needs remastering after a year? It sounds fine as it is. George seriously, I know you had a busy year popping up doing duets with people like Beyonce and setting up this album but you really didn’t have time to record another single?

I want to know if this is because of the love-hate relationship George has with Sony. Is this the last record on his contract? They weren’t too supportive of his last couple of releases even though Wham! and George remain, to this day in the top 50 all-time top sellers for Sony (100 million albums, seriously you forgot George Michael was the soundtrack to your life didn’t you!? ) Think about your fans. Seriously.

Winner: December ’09

What? without even having heard it you say? Yes, there a pile of press on this already. George’s main, old school fanbase is now 30-50 year old women who still buy physical product if presented the right way. The ’08 version was available free for one day. A quick survey amongst gay fans in LA and NY (10 people) last year, because this is how much of a fan I am, said they weren’t loving it if they even bothered to download it on Christmas Day. Hello, to me that is a fantastic Christmas Present. Thank you George!


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