Ricky Gervais is Golden…Ramble

220px-Angelyne British comic, Ricky Gervais first showed up on billboards in the US for his BBC-HBO series ‘Extras.’ At the time, living in LA driving by them I was completely uninterested. Someone trying to be an Extra- was this the next Angelyne (the “model” who made herself infamous with flooding LA billboards advertising herself)?

Bah, who wanted to look at this slumped down ‘chubby little fat loser’ looking forlorn? That was until, one of my friends sent me some clips of the show that included David Bowie:

After watching that and the Chris Martin episode, I soon was seeking out this wonderous show and laughing so hard my snorts echoed across oceans especially for the Kate Winslet episode where she gives Ricky’s best friend on how to talk dirty on the phone:

globessplash_340 Congrats to Ricky , who will be hosting the Golden Globes on Jan. 17, 2010. Here are a few things I dig about Ricky:

1) His laugh is infectious.

2) He and Larry David have a similiar sense of the ridiculous, but Ricky never gets as annoying.

3) George Michael was on the season finale of ‘Extras’ trying to pick up a bit of ass in the park. Ricky gets stars to go further poking fun at themselves then anyone else.

4) He points out his own flaws and uses them to his comedic advantage.

5) The podcasts he does with Stephen and Karl are the thing of legend that made him famous in the first place. Comic teams that work this well produce The Office & Extras let me know the Universe gives back!


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