Rocktober Finds…Ramble

There are random tunes out there that I’m digging. These are them!

Said The Whale: Goodnight Moon is pure rock strumming happy indie pop. To deny is to deny the very essential need to bop and clap. Like it? Check out the video for ‘Camilo (The Magician)’ wishing I was in Canada for their next gig.

Calvin Harris: Flashback Eric Pryz Remix He had me at ‘I like them Asian girls’ and he’s also, really tall and once leaned over me. Dance, trance, mix it up, rock it out. This is like a flashback to late night club scenes.

Arctic Monkeys: Old Yellow Bricks (Cryptonites Tease The Monkey Remix) a fun mash-up that will have you scratching your whackness. Of course: I am wearing out  Humbug (Album) – it’s hard for me to pick a favorite. I’m loving how moody Arctic Monkeys are transporting me to my high school days, kicking leaves on the way to school, always accompanied by my Walkman (remember those?!)

Liam Finn & Eliza Jane: On Your Side: from their EP “Champagne In Seashells” this duet features the vocal stylings of Eliza Jane most prominently and it’s become my favorite track (that changes every week!) on the album for the last two weeks in a row.  I cannot wait to see them live in November at The Bell House. A tour priced so nice it can’t miss, neither does this quirky duet. (note this quality isn’t amazing on this one)

Florence & The Machine: You’ve Got The Love (Jamie XX remix) well, I know, a lot of hipsters are like Flo vs. La Roux. Then there’s the ever loved Annie, who has a new single out that’s decent too, but I love the strumming, wind down, beat and feel of this one the most.

Civil Twilight: Soldier unlike Athlete’s new video for Superhuman Touch, the upbeat feel of this tune plus shots of converse, black of course, hightops and the earnest looks minus entirely depressing footage, makes this one my final random rocktober pick.


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