5 Questions with @Shoshi…Ramble

Is there anything more wonderful then feeling like a woman? You know we go around every day making ourselves pretty, but sometimes there’s that tingle down our spines taking us to a moment of electricity, that has nothing to do with being a mom, a sister, a friend…it’s just about the true magic of feeling like a luscious diva.



@Shoshi is a woman who lives her life creating and teaching others how to make those moments into a lifestyle. We met voluteering at StepUp’s New York Chapter. We were the only two ‘women of color’ at the time we joined. Today the group is much more diverse.

Location: New York, NY
Vocation: Personality, Courtesan Coach, Speaker, Seductress

1) What is the key to living a luscious life?
The key to living a luscious life is making the choice to live a life by design and not by default. It is living a life that leaves you FULL! The luscious life is about leaving behind a good enough life to live lusciously!

2) How did you get involved in the art of burlesque?
I found the whole art to be unique and intriging. I wanted to bring a bit of color ( as in my brown self) up on stage and use different music/stories. I tend to use urban music when I do burlesque and I like to be interactive with the audience. It is so much fun for me to unleash my inner burlesque persona, Courtisane Moderne, on the stage. Though I don’t know where she begins and where I end.

3) What is a Courtisane Moderne?
A courtisane moderne (modern courtesan) is a woman that uses the virtues of the courtesans to live a life of happiness, pleasure, and joy without apologizing for it.  Some of those virtues include charm, wit, timing, beauty, grace, talent, and brains. Also, a courtisane moderne lives a sensual life because she lives a life that pleases her senses.

4) What are some tips to keep life sexy on a daily basis?
Some tips to keep life sexy  on a daily basis are think positive, walk with confidence, own who you are, do at least one thing a day that is just for YOU!, and think bigger. All of those things work in line with the laws of attraction, so that things will automatically be drawn to you. Now that is sexy!

5) People are always surprized to find out your are African American as well as Jewish. How has this effected your dating life?
Yes, this fact  does tend to cause pause. I don’t know if that has affected my dating so much. I have always dated interracially which effects my life more. Most times if a white Jewish guy dates me it’s fine, because at the end of the day I am Jewish. Non Jewish men could care less about the fact that I am Jewish.


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