5 Questions with @Brianistuft Bleep Bleep Enough…Ramble



Welcome to the fourth installment of five questions with people I follow on Twitter. They are a diverse group and I wanted to give more insights into the wonderful cross section of talented, exciting, people in the world.

I met @Brianistuft while he was doing a drop-by to pick up my then co-worker, TeeBee. We bonded instantly over Project Runway and how much we were both addicted to calling people “a hot tranny mess” at the time. A friendship born out of a fierce meeting of the minds.

I love that Brian’s interest in celebrities has led him to taking photos with some of the hottest names out, helping him to achieve his own cult following. He’s like Perez Hilton, only fashionable, funny & intelligent.

Location: Queens*, New York *The Median Borough
Vocation: Becoming America’s Next Top Model
Sign: Aries

1) Why did you start blogging about your life?

I had done the Livejournal thing in the past, to kind of recap my life but no one ever read it and it wasn’t going anywhere, I think because LJ get a rep for being kind of angst ridden. But, whenever anyone would get a hold of my writing or hear some of my thoughts they always encouraged me to blog. However, I never listened to them, because I feel my life is boring and un-fabulous. (If people saw me scrubbing my toilet in my Leave Lindsay A-Lohan tee they’d understand where I’m coming from.)  Then one night I went to the movies and while looking around, a concept of a different fabulous barometer for each borough dawned on me. I felt that would make for a great blog, and boom! A blog was born. I really enjoy it and as long as I feel I’m being something funny and unique to the table I hope to continue.

2) When did you first get interested in fashion?

It was a peer pressure thing, I’m sad to admit. I was kind of bullied by the other school kids to keep up with the joneses if you will. Overtime it went from responsibility to something I really enjoy. Being from a working class in Queens I was kind of brought up thinking that high fashion was impractical and out of reach. So when I started shopping around and saw these wonderful things were obtainable it was love. Plus the looks on my extended family’s faces when I trot into a family event in designer clothes makes it worth every penny. Now, it’s just a matter of finding pieces I love and I think embody my style. I can’t stress enough that fashion is not about price tags, last year my winter coat was Marc Jacobs, this year it’s H&M. It’s all about how things look, not what they cost.

3) How would you describe your personal style?

I feel it’s kind of preppy but whenever I go for a 100% preppy look it never looks polished enough. So I always like to throw in a little edge, maybe a crazy scarf, a bright colored coat or maybe some beat up converses.. It makes me look like I have a wild streak but it’s really to just cover up the fact that I’m too much of a mess to looks perfect and polished.
Gossip Girl really influenced my style, their costumes on the show kind of showed me that there was no line you couldn’t cross. Bright colors, bow ties, prints with prints… it was all fair game now. So I made sure to incorporate some of the things they featured into my wardrobe.

4) Through you I learned about the cult of growing people using onlocationvacations.com to stalk/meet/gawk at different films/shows being filmed. How do you determine which sets or events are worth your time?

Whenever it is a celebrity or a star of a show or movie I particularly enjoy that is of course always a powerful motivator. But, when there is an opening or a party I like to think of the turnout possibilities. I hate going to things where EVERYONE and their mother will be there, I love when the turnout is light, the champagne never runs out and you get face time with the stars. As for sets I’ve only ever visited two, Gossip Girl because I love it so very much and Remember Me an upcoming movie with Robert “Edward Cullen” Pattinson for a friend.  Let me tell you, that was truly a hot mess. I’ve never seen anything like it, he has such a young and obsessed fan base that there was never not a crowd or mob scene. But, once I got to meet him I saw that he was just a neurotic kid with a twitch and lots of hair. Which is why I like meeting any celebrities to see what they’re like in person, up close and persona-free.

5) What makes a person fabulous in your eyes?

The short answer? Gwyneth Paltrow following them on Twitter. (note @GOOPblog follows both of us.)

The long answer? Fabulous is defined as so amazing it borders on being unbelievable. I think that’s pretty accurate, to me being fabulous is all about the person’s social skills. When you’re at a party or having dinner and the person you’re talking to is whip sharp and knows who they are there’s nothing better. To me being fabulous is all about being witty,outgoing and being able to keep afloat when the conversation drifts into pop culture and current events. Give me someone confident who is able to make a joke about Barack winning the Nobel Peace Prize AND the John and Kate debacle and I’ll show you someone fabulous. It goes without saying that being open minded, intelligent and positive is required. Nothing is less fabulous than someone who uses attacks on others to make themselves look better, sorry Perez Hilton.


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