My name is Kylie
My name is Kylie

Your disco needs you and so does Kylie Minogue. The cancer surviving pop diva drew big dance parties in her first, nine date sold-out North American tour  finishing last night at Hammerstein Ballroom. Whomever sold Kylie a bill of goods in the 80’s telling her she would never break the American market shame on you. Kylie, Honey, you went dance disco diva on us in a consistent, unchallenged way, so keeping yourself to OZ and Europe was our loss. We love you in the USA!

My favorite Kylie album Light Years helped her recapture the attention of American Gays who said “la la la, gimme, gimme, gimme that la la la song.” I polled my gay friends, that’s a direct quote, I swear. There were rumors Fever would be a combination of Light Years and Fever but fortunately we got two amazing Kylie works instead.

I was first exposed to Kylie when she was still a good Neighbour on a trip to Australia in the early 80’s to see family. It was a summer introducing me to music I would love for the rest of my life including INXS (thank you Michael Hutchence for sexucating Ms. Minogue I think you had a lasting effect on her sauciness!)

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours need to get know each other…. It was the call to embrace the pop culture of my Aussie heritage. I felt so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky.

Most Americans stopped at Lucky, as I once said to her one of former boyfriends, Mark Gerber, when we worked on an ad in Sydney together, “The US has Madonna (who checked out Kylie’s show on Sunday.) He was shocked I was so cheeky but seriously, in the early 90’s she wasn’t tackling the US. The first sign I saw last night at the head of the queue to get in, was written in bright pink ‘LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY.’

I did get to see Kylie perform in America at the now defunct, Limelight, for the release party of the soundtrack to Queer Eye For The Straight Guy which was a very short six songs. The orange glow sticks were pretty interesting and …..they made it out again last night during ‘Slow.’

Read my body language...
Read my body language...

You can imagine the thrill when I got hired as an indie digital marketing maverick to work Kylie’s Body Language. I was beyond happy when they gave me a pair of the Agent Provocateur undies as a thank you for a job well done.

I just love my pint sized pop stars who fit in my back pocket!

Just after 8:20, the crowd was beyond ready.
We went down the checklist:
Glitter or Shine… check!
Then we heard it…..10, 9, 8, hello Light Years! Look to the skys, it’s a popstar!

Light Years, 10, 9, 8....
Light Years, 10, 9, 8....

Kylie entered the show on the head of a skull a la Alexander McQueen singing Light Years promising to be our guide for the night. She was adorable, charming, and shaking it. She even performed a sultry version of ‘Locomotion’ and a stripped down piano version of ‘Lucky, Lucky, Lucky’ all showing she never lost sight of where she came from – a lesson to young popstars, I mean you Mandy Moore! (Aside to Mandy: The songs from the past made you who are today and you should learn how to make them your own like Kylie and Christina Aguilera do, instead of saying they are crap.)

I spoke to fans from Tokyo, Sydney, London and New York all wondering before the show wasn’t in a bigger venue like Radio City or even the small theater at Madison Square Garden across the street. We know you put on a show, we have the DVDS! The screens, the costumes, the sets were all brilliantly proportional transporting us to another dimension of Kylie’s magic S&M disco.

Boys will be boys
Boys will be boys

I was already a fan of ‘X’ especially Speakerphone :

but last night really brought to life Wow, I’m The One (Tonedeaf Tony’s favorite song, he went nuts behind me), In My Arms and Like A Drug. She was a magnificent host with nods to Madonna reciting the intro to “Vogue” as well as performing her duet with Robbie Williams “Kids” with one of her backup singers.

Here’s a bit of WOW for you then:

Thank you Kylie for letting us come into your world.
Love at first sight Finale

Kylie Dance Party

For those who didn’t get a chance to see her, her sister Dannii told the London Daily Mirror Kylie has been offered an artist residency in Las Vegas! Kylie also makes her Bollywood film debut this week in “Blue” catch a glimpse now:


4 thoughts on “Kylie…Ramble

  1. Kylie is the QUEEN BEE of AWESOME HIVE. That Agent Provacateur spot haunted my dreams for weeks after I first saw it and I have not looked at her the same way since (in dreams and in “real” stuff). Come to think of it, li’l me, had the hots for her back in the Locomotion days – the only person to eclipse that was Whitney in the I Wanna Dance with Somebody video – yikes. Alright, I’m off to a cold shower – more on this later.

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