Alter-Egos A Sign Of Being Loco?… Ramble

Fresh Out The Oven might be a straight shot back to putting the first lady of the Bronx back on the charts after several lukewarm efforts. Jlo hasn’t been Jenny Lo for a while but suddenly she’s has decided to get all P.Diddy on us and change it up again now going by Lola. Watch out for Madonna’s mini-me, she may not like this. No need to fear real Lola, these alter-egos don’t last that long. Jenny to Jlo to J to tha L-O, Bennifer- now LOLA has to create this alter-ego so she can talk dirty and people forget she has two babies at Casa Lopez.

The track features hitmaker Pitbull. It could have been straight lifted from the J-to-the-Lo:The Remixes. It also made me instantly think of R. Kelly “Ignition Remix“- hot and fresh out the kitchen. Aw yeah. Gimme that toot toot, gimme that beep beep. R. Kelly should definitely invest in an alter-ego, which brings this ramble back to the main point.

Is an alter-ego a sign folks have gone off-the-scales whacko?
1. Mariah Carey– MIMI girlfriend wound up checking into the funny farm
2. Eminem- Marshall Mathers- Eminem– debateable but perhaps he can get the creative ego to pick better videos instead of rehashing the same tired concepts poking fun at people. Mocking Sara Palin six months after an election is weak Em.
3. Sasha Fierce–Beyonce’s excuse to get all S&M on us. Diva needs someone to blame. If it didn’t come with hot songs like ‘Single Ladies’ & ‘Radio’ it would have spawned even more jokes.
4. Garth Brookes-Chris Gaines— check. Just when there was no bigger country star on earth, Garth traded in his name for Chris Gaines and nearly lost it all.

Taking it to another level, Hotlanta photog, Derek Blanks has made a lot of cash on creating alter-egos for celebs so they can unleash different sides of their personalities. (For normal people this is what is called schizophrenia!) The Real Housewives of Altanta even spent two entire episodes around the creation of this cash cow and even P.Diddy’s baby mama, Kim Porter being one of the first ‘celebs’ to get in on the action in April ’08. She learned about alter-egos from Sean “Puffy” – Diddy, P. Diddy –rotating names needs to stop. There should be a limit. P.Diddy just has a huge ego, that’s why he wants so many names but he isn’t crazy.

At the end of the day, alter-egos are an interesting concept for actors and actresses, one that singers should maybe leave to those who can handle slipping in and out of those roles. Fortunately Jennifer Lopez started as an actress. I really missed you Jlo so if Lola is the only way to get you back, straight sugar loving!

Which Alter-Ego of Jennifer Lopez is your favorite?


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