5 Questions with @MaraAltman…Ramble

marafaceI met @MaraAltman at the New York book launch for Kristin Harmel’s Italian For Beginners.

Mara is the author of Thanks For Coming is an interesting journey in search of her orgasm. You read that right. Don’t even pretend to be shocked. You know you buy Cosmo because the headlines promise to reveal the secrets to getting an orgasm. Mara goes on a quest to bring her search for orgasm answers into the daylight with interesting results.

Location: Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Vocation: Writer
Sign: Virgo

1) On your blog, different women answer your Vulva/Orgasm questionaire. What did you find the most interesting/shocking/odd answer to ‘when did you have your last orgasm?’

The most shocking was definitely a woman who recounted, in great detail, her encounter with fucking a hunting knife. I loved how her experience, though somewhat extreme, demonstrates the variation that occurs when we speak of female pleasure. On the other hand, I found it quite shocking that a majority of women said they had had their last orgasm with a lover. I would have assumed prior to my interviews, given the convenience of our own hands and the minor travel time to our own erogenous areas, that we would be wielding our own pleasure power a lot more often.

2) What could book clubs expect if you came to lead a discussion on ‘Thanks For Coming’?

Laughter. Discomfort (in a good we’re-all-growing kind of way). Intense discussions. Disagreement. Revelations. Openness. A 85 percent chance of cringes. Orgasm Cookies. Arousal. Ideas for the bedroom (alone and with a partner).

3) Has your perspective about sex changed since ‘Thanks For Coming’ was released this year?

Absolutely. I’m much more open about sex. By going on the journey I took in the book – being with a sacred whore, staying with an orgasm commune, visiting the mother of masturbation – i was able to become much more comfortable with my body and with sex. I find that I’m able to be a much more conscious participant during sex. I can focus on the clit. No more, “What is he thinking I’m thinking that he’s thinking while I’m touching his thing.” I’m in the moment and when I’m in the moment, I’m in a pleasure place whether or not I’m orgasming.

4) What are your current projects? (speaking engagements, etc)

I have a reading at Word in Greenpoint on October 22nd. It starts at 7:30pm .Two other readers, who were published in the Rachel Kramer Bussel edited “Best Sex Writing,” will also be featured.

I also have a reading at the National Organization for Women’s Love Your Body Day on October 28th. It is a fundraiser complete with cocktails and munchies. More information here: http://www.nownyc.org/women/index.php

The last event scheduled at this time is a reading (which will also be a strap-on try on session and quiz including all things vulva) at Bluestockings Book store on November 12th.

I usually keep my book’s Facebook webpage up to date with events.

5) What are your favorite spots to get hummus? And what brand would you take home?

I love hummus so much. I can’t stress my love for hummus too much. It’s absolutely grotesque and hardly makes sense. I’m probably partly made up of hummus by now. I’m Ukranian, Austrian and Hummus.

Anyway, when I don’t have time to make the stuff myself, I love to go to Barbounia during happy hour. Not only is their hummus so good that you’ll embarrass yourself by licking it out of the bowl, but their bread is so good it’ll make you want to go on a carbo-only diet. Also, what can I say, I love the Hummus Place.

I really fluctuate a lot as to the kind of hummus tub I’ll take home. Right now I’m on Cedar’s original. Abraham’s eggplant. And some kind that i can’t remember that has zaatar flakes sprinkled on top. yum. ridiculous yum. freaking yum yum.

Thanks Mara! I need to get myself some hummus stat! If anyone is interested in filling out the questions on Mara’s blog please send an email to: info@maraaltman.com


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