You’ll Think You Got The Best Of Me…Ramble

Check this…’ll never get to me.

Those lines sound familiar, you may recall, as the theme song for Vh1’s “Daisy of Love” in which Daisy would strut down an alley with a flower provocatively. The musical succulent tease is now a fully released single from New York/LA band, Morningwood.

Morningwood represents everything you ever dreamed of when it comes to a gail force of performers, able to tear through the wall of cool, seducing the crowd into submission. The charismatic lead singer, Chantal consistently woos female audience members into stripping onstage to the aptly named ‘Take Off Your Clothes.’ Yes, you too could be one of those women having a ‘killer life.’ It’s what makes the video for ‘Best of Me’ so compelling, an ‘inside’ look at what happens backstage at a Morningwood show in between the set and the encore.

There is so much juicy original fun happening. Remember FUN?! record label folks? This is it! (I love indie rockers, Athelete too, but the new video is the tired old, depressing war theme.)

1) Chantal wiggling those lush curves of her as a real woman with so much attitude it may smack you through your computer screen and you’ll like it
2) Chantal reveals a room full of hot, sweaty shirtless men and scantily clad women making out. She joins a couple to get in on the fun. Then Chantal, Pedro, Will Tendy & Jonny Applesauce get pulled out to finish the show.
3) Pedro and Chantal have a smack fest so fun your cheeks will be red. Don’t try this at home kids! (That’s the former Disney in me!)
4) C’mon Bitches! leads into a sexy synchronized dance
5) All the men wearing undies covered in tats as Morningwood make their way to finally give the audience the encore.

Morningwood was introduced to me by the wonderous blinblin100 who is cool as hell herself. We saw Morningwood at The Roxy on Sunset Blvd., oh those nights, when Tower Records was still open & I would cut past it in my chili red MINI convertible. Sigh. You think you got the best of me? Smirk.


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