5 Questions with @courtneysmith…Ramble

courtneyMy first official ‘hang’ with @courtneyesmith we went to see The Finn Brothers play in Central Park. She has a thing for Tim and I have a thing for Neil so we became instantly bonded. I popped up in a meeting with her at Viacom a few months later much to her delighted surprize solidifying our friendship. If I’m going to recommend someone on #followfriday the least I can do is provide some insight into their minds!

Vocation: manager of digital and video promo at Rock Steady, a new music marketing company
Location: Los Angeles
Sign: Virgo

1) How do you like your caffeine?
I strongly prefer it in the form of Coke Zero. I hardly ever drink coffee. Really, only about once a month and then it’s always a vanilla flavored something or the pumpkin spice dealies when Starbucks offers them – you know, something that tastes nothing at all like coffee. People seem to think that is strange. Just never developed a taste for it, move along, nothing to see here.

2) What’s your signature style?
I have basically no eye for design so I do whatever Anthropologie suggests I should. I like shabby chic – things that look nice but comfortable – in clothes and furniture. As much as I enjoy looking at photo shoots with Pouty Spice there’s very little chance you’ll catch me in a corset and unmanageable shoes. I want to sit on my furniture and not slide off of it. And I want you to look at my books and album collection. It will help you realize that I’m fascinating.

3) What are your current projects?
Oh goodness. Ok, at work I’m in a brand new company and learning, learning, learning! I’m pitching ideas to the bands we’re working with (Boys Noize, k-os, Silver Starling, Plastiscines, Vitalic) in the digital space to engage their fans. I’m taking their videos to networks, retail outlets and online portals. I can’t design my living room but I am aces at designing the feel around an album.

In my personal life I’m in the last stages of pitching a book idea called Record Collecting for Girls. My agent and I are editing and taking it to publishers this fall. I wanted to write it because I love music but also because I read a lot of music books and I realized almost all of them are written by men. I’m tried of reading emo stories about how some chick broke hearts and then you made a mixtape. So my book is going to speak to women – the RIAA reports women have purchased 50% or more of all the music bought in the last 10 years, why do men get to do all the talking about it?

I’m also doing a monthly podcast series for the Uncensored Interview website called Uncensored Discussions. I sit down with a band or music industry professional and we discuss in depth the history of whatever topic they’ve chosen. So far that includes The Sounds on Depeche Mode, Annuals on Johnny Cash and Miranda Lee Richards on The Beatles and John Lennon. Coming soon: ’60s girl groups with Best Coast!

I also write a weekly must-see music video column for The Daily Swarm. I continue to obsess on music videos because of it. I also continue to snark on music videos because of it.

4) What fascinates you about space?
OMG you guys I am totally obsessed with space. Outer space, that is. Have you ever looked at a picture of the horseshoe nebula? It is literally a huge chunk of everything that makes up human life. I don’t understand how anyone can look at pictures of the vastness and beautifulness of space and not feel their humanity and want to do something nice for their fellow man because it’s so obvious how incredibly lucky we all are to exist.

5) What drove you to pursue a career in music?
In thinking about the answer to this I traced my history of music back and it has to all relate to my parents’ giant record collection. There was always music around, we always played “do you know who sings this song?” and I still have a mixtape I made off their vinyl when I was 8. It’s not very good but it is very amusing. Once I went to college, started doing internships and realized that it was possible to have a career in music it was on like Donkey Kong.

Anyone who gets to work on their passion as a way to make their living is very lucky. Half the time I want to kick some people out of the music industry and make room for some kids who are wicked into music. Less industry, more music people.

Thank you Courtalicious! For more on Courtney’s music picks read her blog: http://howsthatworkingout.wordpress.com/


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