Mika’s Teenage Dreams…Ramble

Madonna’s latest crotchtastic cougar dance video ‘Celebration‘ may have distracted from the wonderous Mika being back on the scene. Did you toss him to the side once Perez Hilton claimed him as his find, just as you gagged on spotting Perez sitting next to Lady Gaga at the VMA’s, proving Gaga’s outfits were the least annoying thing in that row? It was bad enough Perez was given any ink for stroking Gaga’s insecurities in her Rolling Stone cover story. Gakkkk. Don’t let that troll leave a bad taste in your mouth.

I am very happy that Mika is back in all his glorious colorful imagination bringing us pop glitter once more in these trying times. I remember asking my friend in our Yahoo! Music London office, Traci about him when I saw his name popping up on various UK websites. She replied I would adore him once I heard his music as she did.

Twas a magnificent pop day for my own 14-year-old-Wham!-loving-ears the day the backend content management system let me watch videos and interview segments Traci & crew had added into the system. Upon hearing ‘Grace Kelly’ I bounced about the room and when I calmed down called the folks at Universal asking two dozen questions about him. Luckily, I was in the position to have them send me an advance as soon as humanly possible. Upon it’s arrival, I made my team listen to it declaring this was going to make them happy (there were a few sad sacks in the mix.) Get some happy now once more, if you need it:

Now that our Mika dance party has started, I loved watching this London Tonight interview calling Mika ‘The Flamboyant King Of Camp’ at his Kensington home.

If you’ve ever seen Mika perform live, it is a circus full of balloons, folks on stilts, feathers and furries! When I saw him in Hollywood the ladies from the Butterfly Lounge who inspired “Big Girls” were in our section and then popped up on stage during the song. Who else could write a pop song declaring his love for big girls and diet coke?

Now while your hipster/scenster/too-cool-for-school-ditching ass is wiggling around in anticipation of leaving work early to be the first in line to see Muse open for U2 at Giants Stadium, keep Mika’s ‘The Boy Who Knew Too Much’ on your iPhone so you can keep your blood flow moving while being crushed in the general admission area on the field.

After all, we are indeed made Golden if we weren’t already by walking in the subways full of bum’s piss. Snort laugh. Now if that song doesn’t kick your recessionista blues to the curb, then perhaps you should get yourself to Dr. John!

Instant Faves off The Boy Who Knew Too Much:
We Are Golden – teenage dreams indeed!
Blame It On The Girls- snap snap instant music crack
Good Gone Girl
Blue Eyes


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