Brr I Heart A Monkey …Ramble

Get on your dancing shoes you dirty little swine because the Arctic Monkeys third full-length album ‘Humbug’ is finally out for all of us to consume and ponder and dance n’ romance to. I admit I got the impression the album was going to be out in June so it was pretty embarrassing when I asked for a copy and hello….felt like the jackass I was, so I’ve now marked August 24th on my calendar for ‘Humbug.’ The first single ‘Crying Lightening,’ which they’ve been playing since the Sydney Big Day out in February finally released an official video.

The video made me think of the scene in the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’, when Will analyzes the painting of his psychologist, who proceeds to get ‘Southie’ and go for a stronghold on Will’s jugular.

A lot of people are surprised by my Arctic Monkey love which was instant and over the top as their first album ‘Whatever People Say I Am…I’m Not.’ A grrl can relate to that. It’s one of those albums that is a pure shot of adrenalin and I used to blast in my chili red MINI convertible with the top down taking all my favorite shortcuts to work in LA. I miss that ride *love my powder white MINI hardtop!

‘Mardy Bum’ in particular always makes me think of a certain Liverpudlian friend and just makes me smile about the awkwardness of relationships.

I’m now going to pump up ‘My Favorite Worst Nightmare’ because my apartment has turned into a house as beserk as f*ck but can’t think why…okay I know why! But now it’s time to shake it off Monkey style….!! Woot.


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