Gary Go on with Your Bad Self…Ramble

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of visiting the Sirus Radio Studios. Escaping the heat to get padded down by security is some people’s definition of a first date. Hey, if only you got that immediate blue stamp of approval on a dating badge and knew ‘I’m in!’ right away life would be a lot easier.

One of my musical soulmates, Ike, introduced me to the music of Brit Gary Go. Gary looks like Aqualung with the same romantic sentiment minus the wedding band and a whole lot more technological genius. He’s the guy who made a song out tweets on his iPhone & and works the apps on that puppy like an evil genius.

Last week Gary Go’s first official let’s-have-a-hit-put-the-big-guns-behind-this-promo-machine-in-the-US aka single “Wonderful” was offered up as the iTunes free single of the week with about half a million downloads according to the Decca label folks.

I love when the big whigs show up to support their artists instead of sending a barely out of college intern or single publicist to represent the company. It warms the heart to see record label people who still listen and support……music! Domino is great at this too. And I know they listen to music in their offices. Indie labels you rock.

Getting back to Gary, who has a great sense of humor and a great voice. He dedicated ‘Life Gets In The Way’ to Ike who’s man crush instantaneously moved on from Danny of The Script, sorry fella, you’ve been one upped by Gary Go.

As for me, I told Gary I almost broke through the sound proof studio to makeout with him when he sang ‘Brooklyn,’ my favorite tune on the album, despite him revealing he actually wrote it while living in NJ! See my expression on that note! Wow, my hair looks so shiny.


You couldn’t ask for a better artist- more agreeable, creative and charming. Plus, the dude is digital and he can wear striped pants like nobody’s business!

Favorite tracks: Brooklyn, Wonderful, Life Gets In The Way


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