Arctic Monkeys Live Ramble

Get on your dancing shoes you dirty little swine because Arctic Monkeys are on tour in support of their 3rd album ‘Humbug’ or as Alex said at the Highline Ballroom on Monday ‘umbug’, that’s with a ‘Heych.’ I’m not posting/embedding/linking to the first video “Crying Lightening” since websheriff said boo! and killed my blog until I deleted it. Um, people it was on the interweb with embed code…..c’est la vie, the timing was fabulous being show day. The Domino folks found this proof web sheriff was working & somewhat hilarious since it was the video and not the links to the leaked tracks.

The video made me think of the scene in the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’, when Will analyzes the painting of his psychologist, who proceeds to get ‘Southie’ and go for a stronghold on Will’s jugular.

Looking around at that crowd of males, English, British, and French??? it probably does seem unlikely that I’m a huge fan. Arctic Monkeys

As soon as I took a listen my Arctic Monkey love was instant and over the top as their first album ‘Whatever People Say I Am…I’m Not.’ The driving rhymes and clever lyrics reminded me of many nights spent in the pubs of Australia. It’s one of those albums that is a pure shot of adrenalin and I used to blast in my chili red MINI convertible with the top down taking all my favorite shortcuts to work in LA. I miss that ride *love my powder white MINI hardtop!

‘Mardy Bum’ in particular always makes me think of a certain Liverpudlian friend and just makes me smile about the awkwardness of relationships. It did shock me they didn’t play that particular tune. They’ve come a long way playing the entire album/set in 45 minutes, and we are lucky for that!

I’d be remiss if I failed to mention the sideshow of P. Diddy, who the fellas visited in his Miami home.

Well Diddy and posse were freaking out, putting on a sideshow, our crew pondered:
1) how does one apply to be a member of the Diddy concert posse?
2) does Diddy ask people the week before a show who wants to go and makes sure to prep them?
3) did Diddy really think it was okay to emulate Alex Turner by taking off his t-shirt to also reveal a wife beater?

My love of Arctic Monkeys has never extended to finding myself wanting to snog any of them, especially after meeting the pasty Englishman of slender build a few years ago. However…..I have to admit there was a cougar moment as a result of Alex stripping down to his navy tank, his awkwardness of not having ‘sleeves’ and his lovely long mop of hair. Thus stated ‘I’m having a cougar moment’ to my party, the chords of ‘Florescent Adolescent‘ quickly followed aka their recount of a cougar’s racy past gone by. Insert snort laughter by myself and their product manager. Yeah, I’m not afraid to point out my inane behaviour!

If you missed the web transmission, you can watch “Red Right Hand” and “Potion Approaching” on their official site.
Red Arctic Monkeys

The new material was still driving yet darker and moodier= Arctic Monkeys prove the 3rd time’s a charm. They’ve never let me down live or recorded. Now it’s time to turn off shark week and relive a bit of Arctic Monkey magic because this house is a circus, berserk as f*ck but can’t think why…okay I know why, I hope I don’t go mental waiting to collect my pre-order of ‘Humbug.’ Now websheriff be gone!


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