A-ha! There’s some new music…Ramble

Is there anything better than getting to combine your childhood music loves with summer? Maybe red roses and a nice bottle of chianti, but seriously… the amazing warm energy I get at summer concerts gives me strength to face the winter. Before I get to the new music let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Many moons ago, in the land of the 1980’s, a lovely band from Norway with amazing coifed hair and impossibly high cheekbones, took us on an animated journey of animation called “Take On Me.” My friends and I even learned how to play it on the piano (who wants to play Fur Elise again? Seriously!?)

As happens over time, we move on and our musical heroes of our youth slip away until twenty years go by and there is suddenly a rash of them coming back, as Michael Jackson sang ‘Do You Remember the Time?’ , why yes Michael I remember it well but let’s leave the fluro clothing out of it and concentrate on the music.

Last year Rick Astley was brought back by a prank called ‘Rickrolling?’ leading to his video for ‘Never Gonna Give You’ being viewed 39 million times? He didn’t do too badly ending up in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade either (just stick with this insanity and you’ll get it about :50 seconds into it:

The power of the Internet indeed! But getting back to plot because I got sidetracked by watching Rick be as dreamy as ever and thinking about seeing him play at Jones Beach….sigh.

Now fast forward fifteen years, music has gone from power synth-pop dominance, through the grunge phase, and a mainstream indie-rock starts emerging, to bring us to Radiohead, Travis and of course, Coldplay. What? How did she bring this round to Coldplay and not even mention beloved George Michael (please George will get his own entry!)

I loved when a friend knew I was a huge Coldplay nutter and made me a B-sides that included them covering A-ha’s “Hunting High And Low.” Coldplay have said this band influenced them tremendously & I just love that it’s helped bring A-ha back to large audiences. Here’s Chris singing with Mags from A-ha joins him on stage during the now year (and still thriving) Viva La Vida tour:

Now are you following this musical lesson? First comes A-ha, then 20 years go by, Coldplay starts covering them and befriending them and wah-la! What you’ve come for new video from A-ha “Foot Of The Mountain” in which Morten looks more like Patrick Swayze than I ever recalled, his voice reminding me without A-ha there would be no Keane.

And that’s not all folks!!!! The goddess from the mountain need not worry, Bananarama has come back in what other way? A fabby club worthy single “Love Comes.” As my hips are shaking to this, the only drawback I have to supporting it, is this helps keep Andrew Ridgely from ever having to take the stage again for a Wham! reunion since Keren Woodward (half of Bananarama) is his partner. (A-ha….a legit mention in this loop of Wham!)


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